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Staying Safe in the Cold

by Louise October 27th, 2009| Family Fitness
Here in New England, most of us already have seen the first snow fall of the year. If it is any testament to how volatile the weather can be lately, a few days later we saw clear blue skies and felt a comfortable 70 degrees. It would not be surprising

Broomball at first hand

by Bea October 20th, 2009| Sports
The goal is in sight. Left, right, left, I move my feet along the ice and progress toward the net. I have the ball under control and am surprised by the fact that I have not yet fallen straight on my butt. I am thinking to myself, Boy am I

Push Your Way Up to Fitness

by Joe Lawrence October 15th, 2009| Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training
Strapped for cash?  Still want to get into shape? The all time best exercise for fitness is the push-up.  It can be done anywhere and by anybody.  There are hundreds of variations to build differing muscle groups and to add challenge or even decrease the stress placed on your muscles. 

Fitness One Day at a Time

by Joe Lawrence October 8th, 2009| Cardio, Exercises, Strength Training
We need variety in our fitness regimes.  Stagnant waters grow algae.  Bored pets tear up the house.  I can't afford to have mold or mischief in my muscles.  Variety is the antidote to stagnation and variety.

I always have tackled my conditioning plans to mirror that of other sports.  I did
college fitness

Running on Pavement

by Bea October 1st, 2009| Running
Some people thing that running on pavement or concrete is the worst thing in the world for you because it is harder and less shock absorbing. These people are right, but what is even worse for you than the pavement is the continuity of the surface--or running on the same terrain on

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