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Driving Miss Lazy

by TJ Davis June 29th, 2010| Eating Tips, Exercises
Miss Lazy - the part of me that routinely says things like, "You need to relax a while, let's watch another movie," and, "It's too hot to cook, let's order pizza." I tell myself all the time, that's not me. I'm not Lazy. I am a single mom, working

When the Weather Gets Hot…

by Bea June 24th, 2010| Running, Sports
This morning I went outside to go for my daily run. I have done my fair share of complaining about running in the heat, but in high school I had my coach to keep me from whining and a training program to stick to. Now that I run for

Vacation with Verve

by TJ Davis June 17th, 2010| Eating Tips
School is out and vacation time is here. If you are ready to get away and relax but are concerned about abandoning your fitness routine, you can easily incorporate workout activities with leisure time. No matter where you go on vacation, or when, you can infuse fitness into your

Finding Your Fitness Niche

by TJ Davis June 15th, 2010| Mind & Body
We all have our own excuses for not exercising. Some common ones are: I'm not in good enough shape to start exercising; I cannot do enough to make a difference; and, I don't have time for a fitness routine. The first two examples are fallacies, which can be overcome

Neck Flexibility

by TJ Davis June 10th, 2010| Exercises
Loss of mobility and flexibility are common results of aging. Regular moderate exercise can help reduce the symptoms that lead to these results. When you are choosing an exercise program, the neck should be given special consideration. Any sort of fitness routine can be detrimental to the back and

Working Out While Pregnant

by Jenn McD. June 8th, 2010| Exercises
There is a lot of uncertainty out there when it comes to being pregnant. One of the numerous things that a woman must worry about is staying in shape and being healthy. According to health experts, it is okay for a woman to exercise while pregnant, but she must

Getting Off Your BUT

by TJ Davis June 3rd, 2010| Exercises
You should exercise. You know that, intellectually. But what if you have a debilitating illness that causes you daily pain and limits your mobility? Then you should exercise! People with arthritis can exercise, despite the body’s seemingly endless objections. (You know you should exercise, BUT it hurts too much;

Hula Hooping

by Bea June 1st, 2010| Cardio, Exercise Equipment, Exercises
When I was little I used to have competitions with my sisters to see who could hula hoop the longest. Sometimes we would add in multiple hoops and other times we would use them to "jump rope" with. There were some times when I became bored with my hula

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