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Sneaking in Time for Fitness

by Angela Yorke September 26th, 2011| Family Fitness
Did you know that September 24 was Family Health and Fitness Day? I didn’t, but the day, which targets the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, has been marked for 15 years, and it encourages families to make time to get and stay fit together.

Often, time is one of the

Backyard Sensation

by Chang Song May 13th, 2011| Sports
It used to be only a game played with dogs and friends. Now Ultimate Frisbee has grown in prominence. One reason it grew from a game in the backyard to intense leagues in the park is the fitness benefits it offers.

For those who don't know, Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact

Flying Disc Fitness

by TJ Davis September 9th, 2010| Family Fitness
Who would have thought that a plastic throwing disc could be so much fun AND be good for you? The most popular brand of the molded plastic disc is Frisbee, and thanks to the fun factor, Frisbee throwing evolved into a number of flying disc sports. From a simple

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