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How Long for Results?

by Jason Brennan July 17th, 2013| Fitness Expert
This of course depends on a number of things, such as the quality of your workouts and your nutrition.

The average person on the right plan should be able to lose 10lbs of body fat in 6-8 weeks and see improvements in energy, posture, sleeping, and mood with in the

The Importance of Form

by Jessica B. September 21st, 2012| Lower Body, Strength Training
When working on building strength in the lower body, you really need to keep an eye on form at all times. If you ignore form and rush exercises, you could end up injuring your legs and making it more difficult for you to continue your exercise routine. Here are

Introduction to Kettlebells

by Angela Yorke May 17th, 2012| Strength Training
Much like how the Hunger Games and Avengers movies have contributed to the current popularity of archery, interest in kettlebells grew when the movie 300 was released in 2006; interest has been renewed as people search out strength training methods that differ from the norm. A simple search

Finding a GOOD Trainer

by Carlo Celotti May 11th, 2011| Fitness Expert

Finding a good trainer may be difficult, but it's not impossible.  Consider the following tips when searching for the right person to help you obtain your fitness goals.

-First and foremost, you want to find a trainer that practices what they preach. You not only want someone who won't ask

High Intensity Workouts are the Way

by Joe Lawrence August 5th, 2008| Exercises, Strength Training

“You need to workout each muscle group until failure. It will take about two hours in the gym, if you ever want to get real results.” When you first were introduced to weight lifting, did the advice sound something like that?

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