Soccer Leg Strength Exercises

by Joe Lawrence October 17th, 2018
Recently, I wrote an article about how to build your leg muscles like a Parkour pro. Not only do I love to explore how to cross train other sports workouts into my own, so did a lot of friends whom I shared the information with. This week I am
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Practical Leg Strength

by Joe Lawrence October 10th, 2018
It is funny how things evolve. In my late teens and 20s, I wanted to become a beast with muscle upon muscle. I took all sorts of supplements and spent hours in the gym. However, once my 30s hit me and children appeared…life changed. I was no longer able to spend hours in the gym and all that hard work went to the wayside.

At first it was tough to accept, but then I turned my frown upside down. I
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Everyday Leg Exercises Using Body Weight

by Joe Lawrence October 3rd, 2018
Legs are an odd creature in the fitness realm. They are probably the simplest muscle to work out, but they are the most dreaded for the same reason.

We do not do anything throughout our day that does not require the use of our legs. Walking, stairs, standing, sitting, dancing, running, etc., our legs are the most used muscle group out of any, and each movement calls for them to lift most of our entire body weight. However, after ‘leg
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  • Avoid Chest Routine Injuries

    by Joe Lawrence September 26th, 2018
    The harsh reality to any fitness program is an injury can happen. Injuries are more likely to happen during the infant stages of a new program or when you begin to plateau and decide to push yourself extra hard without proper rest. Chest muscles are a very common area where injuries are likely to happen. Shoulder injuries are very common to those pushing chest routines improperly. However, there are
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  • Quick Chest Workouts

    by Joe Lawrence September 19th, 2018
    The hardest part about getting into shape is finding the time to do it. When I was younger, I could spend hours at the gym and never skip a beat. However, now I am in my 30s, married, two kids under five…it is almost impossible to work out. I have been able to find a routine that works well for me and I will share the chest portion of
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  • The Heavy Bar is Still Relevant to Chest Routines

    by Joe Lawrence September 12th, 2018
    In my past few articles I have discussed the benefits of using dumbbells. They help with breaking down mental barriers we place on ourselves and build stability muscles. Although they are my favorite tools for the job, there are also benefits to hitting the heavy bar.

    I was taught a very simple workout a long time ago and was reminded of it again recently as I was going through old
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