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5 Water Bottles for Your Next Long Run

by Jessica B.
Spring is here, and now that I’ve been running for a while, my distances are really starting to add up. The problem is that as temperatures rise, I also need to drink more water. So that means I need to have some helpful system for carrying around water. Running with a metal water bottle in hand is just not

Children with Long QT Syndrome and Exercise

by Tom Seman MD FAAP
In recent months there have been several studies that have suggested decreasing restrictions for those children who have certain medical conditions.

A recent report looked at children with Long QT Syndrome (LQTS). This is a medical condition whereby there is a change in the electrical activity of the heart that can cause fainting, near fainting or rapid heart rate in

Working Cheat Meals Into Your Diet Strategy

by Marnie Bii
A single, well-planned cheat meal can actually support your efforts in maintaining a healthy diet for weight loss or better health. The key is making sure the cheat meal does not extend into a day or longer of eating off plan. When you consume a single meal higher in calories or carbohydrates than you've been maintaining, it can jumpstart

15 Minute Arm Workout

by Joe Lawrence
The past several years have caused me to think of new ways to work out to challenge myself and to maximize my limited time. It is not always an easy task to find ways to accomplish this. However, I have found a great one to work my arms to exhaustion in 15 minutes.

In a previous article preparing for the

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