The Powerful Pomegranate

by Kimberly Hays December 13th, 2017
The pomegranate season runs from September through February, so this is the perfect time to advantage of this wonderful superfood that can be found in most grocery stores this time of year. Many have believed for centuries that this fruit holds super-powers. This may be in part to the
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Helping Your Body Fight the Cold

by Bea December 6th, 2017
While fueling yourself properly is imperative for every workout, it becomes especially important when you exercise in the cold. As our bodies are made up of over 70% water, being in freezing conditions means that your body is going to be less elastic and more stiff. Have you ever put a rubber band in the freezer? Do that and see what happens to the rubber band; that is a simple example of how our body reacts to the cold.

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The TLC Diet

by Kimberly Hays November 29th, 2017
The TLC Diet is similar to the DASH Diet and the Ornish Diet. It was designed to be a cholesterol lowering diet, but research has shown that it is also a good diet for heart health, for helping with diabetes, and weight loss and maintenance. It is considered a safe and healthy diet that is also healthy for children, so this is a diet where the whole family can reap benefits so you will not have to make a
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  • Sweet Vegan Treats

    by James Maynard November 22nd, 2017
    More people are choosing a practice of eating vegan food. Many vegans say their dietary choice helps keep them in shape and healthy. For some people trying this the first time, they may find sweets, especially chocolate, hard to replace. That does not need to be the case, just by following a few simple recipes. Nearly anyone can create these sweet vegan treats.

    The best news is, you don't need
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  • Move Over Brown Rice! Black Rice is Better!

    by Kimberly Hays November 15th, 2017
    Black rice has only recently gained popularity. Honestly, I had never heard of black rice, but noticed it in the grocery store and did some research on how it is different than the white and brown varieties we are used to seeing on the grocery shelf. What I found was that black rice is a powerful superfood that we should all be incorporating into our diet. Cultivated in Asia,
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  • Coconut Water as a Substitute for Water

    by Bea November 8th, 2017
    Are you nuts for drinking coconut water? There are so many different types of recovery drinks out there, but one of the more natural ones that you might want to get into is coconut water. Note, we will be chatting about coconut water here, not coconut milk, which is a bit different. However, coconut milk is also great, and is fantastic as a non-dairy milk substitute in smoothies or
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