Coconut Water as a Substitute for Water

by Bea November 13th, 2019
Are you nuts for drinking coconut water? There are so many different types of recovery drinks out there, but one of the more natural ones that you might want to get into is coconut water. Note, we will be chatting about coconut water here, not coconut milk, which is
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The Step Diet: No Calorie Counting, More Moving

by Kimberly Hays November 6th, 2019
This diet plan sounds simple enough in theory – there is no counting of calories, forget about counting carbs, too. This is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. In addition to adding exercise, you just learn a new way of permanently changing your eating habits without a lot of food restrictions.

The ‘step’ process in the diet is referring to taking 10,000 steps per day. Having a pedometer will be necessary for this part of the diet regimen
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Cardio and Leg Training

by Jessica B. October 30th, 2019
There is no shortage of exercises you can do to help tone up your legs and improve your leg strength while building your cardio, but it can be tricky to find a type of cardio exercise that won’t also risk causing repetitive injuries and overuse injuries if you don’t follow a proper training regimen. Here are a few exercises you can switch between to help prevent overuse injuries. Remember to wear proper foot wear at all times, so that
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  • Inexpensive Superfoods

    by Kimberly Hays October 23rd, 2019
    When I discuss superfoods with people, it seems the most popular reason why they say that they don’t add them to their grocery list is because of cost. There are some, that when they are not in season, can be a little pricey, but none are really that expensive when you think about the health benefits of them. Here we will cover some of the lower cost superfoods to
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  • Do You Really Need More Protein?

    by Bea October 16th, 2019
    Some people say that athletes need more protein. Okay, so that is true, but it is a little misleading. Athletes need more protein, but just as much as they need more carbohydrates and fat. This is because more calories are burned. So, before you go ahead and chug those protein shakes, be sure to balance your diet. Overwhelming yourself with protein is not healthy either. It certainly will not
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  • French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

    by Kimberly Hays October 9th, 2019
    Mireille Guiliano brought the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet to America when she wrote a book on the subject which explains how French women stay so slim and beautiful. The premise of the diet is that you rid your life of fad diets, and learn how to eat small portions. The French indulge in chocolate, wine, baguettes, and cheese. You are not denied anything
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