Goals for Staying Inspired

by Kimberly Hays May 18th, 2022
You hit them gym, go to yoga class, or run three to four days a week, but why? To stay motivated, you need to not only go through the motions, but think about why you work out. Do you want more energy, to lose weight, or just want to
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Improving Physical Fitness to Celebrate Your Body

by Marnie Bii May 11th, 2022
If you have a negative outlook on your body image, you may spend a lot of time mentally picking apart your form. Instead of focusing on the way your body looks, it might be time to reflect on the way it feels. In fact, you can completely challenge your current negative outlook by training your body for increased flexibility, strength and endurance.

You can begin by setting small goals and celebrating your physical abilities each step of the way. For
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Sculpted Arms by Midsummer

by Joe Lawrence May 4th, 2022
Arms and abs are two areas most men want to strengthen. With summer fast approaching, there is still some time left to look great at the beach or pool. Not much time, though.

There are really only two basic motions you can do to build your arms: bicep curl and tricep extension. Naturally, there are hundreds of variations of these motions that you can choose from.

To tone my biceps, I like to curl dumbbells. Choose a weight you can curl
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  • Stop and Smell the Flowers for Improved Mood

    by Marnie Bii April 27th, 2022
    As April showers work on nourishing the May flowers, you can gear yourself up for a mood boost from these amazing blooms. Flowers have bright, vibrant colors that catch the eye and encourage positive imagery. Upon coming in close, the heavy scents may improve your mood, inspire creativity and lower stress in an instant.

    Although coupling your flower-filled adventures with a brisk walk is the simplest way to bring
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  • 3 Part Plan for Getting Beach Ready

    by Joe Lawrence April 20th, 2022
    Living in the south I can already see summer peeking around the corner. This is great; however, I definitely need to get my beach body ready. I am going to do this using my never-fail three part plan.

    Part one of the plan is calorie reduction. I vacillate between calorie counter apps, but usually always go back to the Lose It! app on my iPhone. This app has everything you
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  • Quiet Your Inner Voice to Improve Your Body Image

    by Marnie Bii April 13th, 2022
    If you cannot calm and quiet your inner voice, you may be your own worst enemy. Negative reactions to your image in a mirror or photograph can instantly derail your efforts to achieve self-acceptance. Even if you are working toward a firmer body or lower weight, you need to learn how to accept your image in a positive manner.

    The first step definitely involves changing your knee jerk reaction
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