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How to Choose a Great Yoga Mat

by Jessica B.
Last week I wrote about the arrival of smart yoga mats to the market. These mats use sensors to communicate with your electronic device so you can get feedback on your poses even without an instructor watching. But if you don’t have the desire or the budget to invest in a $100 yoga mat, you have other smart options.

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

by Suzanne Foglio
Eating healthy doesn’t have to break your budget. With a little planning, you can eat well without breaking the bank.

Here are some tips for healthy eating on a budget:

Plan your menu ahead. A little organization goes a long way. Plan your menu and shopping list for the week. Include a list of emergency “on the go” snacks. Always

30 Day Challenge: Skip the Scales and Relax

by Marnie Bii
How many times have you instantly lost your motivation after stepping onto the scale and seeing the needle sit firmly at or above your last measurement? It can be really demoralizing to stay at the same weight despite watching calories and avoiding junk foods. Thankfully, you can still lose inches and clothing sizes without dropping a pound.

Water quickly fills

Different Ways to Strength Train as a Couple

by Joe Lawrence
Thankfully, we are becoming a more fitness minded society. What better way to keep this momentum going than with your partner. More and more cities are creating bike lanes and running trails. There are more and more fitness classes and gyms opening all the time. You should take advantage of this as a couple.

Date nights do not always have

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