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Alternate Methods to Strengthen your Back

by Joe Lawrence
Back strength is vital to having less pain and a better future overall. It is vital to build a stronger back and there are many ways to do this safely and still keep it interesting. This article is going to cover a couple ways to accomplish this.

I do not think I have ever written an article on back exercises

Lower Noise to Reduce Your High Stress Levels

by Marnie Bii
You likely already know that you should limit exposure to loud sounds to protect your hearing. However, did you know that constant noise at acceptable levels can also harm your health? Although the noises do not have an effect on your hearing ability, the sustained sounds can activate your stress hormones.

The constant background noises you hear every day may

4 Accessories That You Need for Your Gym Trips

by Marnie Bii
The items you bring with you to the gym definitely have a positive effect on your experience there. Proper preparation ensures you can use the gym facilities to comfortably complete our entire workout. The right mix of supplies also assists in constantly pushing your limits and excelling to new fitness heights. Here are four items that will help you

Staying Fit in the Summer with Friends

by Sam P.

Staying fit this summer is way easier than it seems.  Of course, everyone is far more active in the summer, but the summer also makes being fit fun.  I mean, no one wants to go outside in the winter and run around with their friends, but in the summer it doesn't seem like

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