3 Tools You Can Use to Target Your Arm Muscles

by Marnie Bii May 22nd, 2019
Exercises designed to bulk up the muscles in your arms also go a long way in toning up your shoulders, neck, back and abdomen. By targeting your arm muscles, you're effectively working out your upper body all at the same time. Push your effort to the limit to net
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15 Minute Arm Workout

by Joe Lawrence May 15th, 2019
The past several years have caused me to think of new ways to work out to challenge myself and to maximize my limited time. It is not always an easy task to find ways to accomplish this. However, I have found a great one to work my arms to exhaustion in 15 minutes.

In a previous article preparing for the summer, I discussed that it would suit most people who do not have spare hours to spend in the gym
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Beginning an Exercise Routine Is Easier Than You Think

by Dr. Christopher Weaver May 8th, 2019
With each and every Practice Member that comes into our wellness center, I recommend that they begin an exercise routine if they are not already working out at a minimum of 3 times per week. This is not something that we can skip-over or neglect. You see, as a Chiropractic Physician, the adjustments that I make to the spine are wonderful, but if a person does not do other constructive, wellness-building activities, the spine will not maintain the adjustment and
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  • 3 Stuffed Vegetables that Make a Healthy Meal

    by Marnie Bii May 1st, 2019
    Quick and easy meals often sacrifice health for convenience. In fact, many of the most popular convenience foods come prepackaged full of preservatives, including tons of sugar and salt. You can prepare fresh ingredients ahead of time instead to ensure you can make a fast, easy meal without sacrificing your health. One of the simplest meals to make with your prepped ingredients is stuffed vegetables. You just mix together
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  • 4 Body Toning Swim Moves That Prep You for Summer

    by Marnie Bii April 24th, 2019
    You can achieve two goals in one by toning up your body for summer by practicing vital swim moves. Mastering these moves will give you the skills to safely enjoy your time by the pool, lake or ocean side as the days warm up. Furthermore, the demanding movements will quickly tighten up your body by shaping the muscles in your arms, legs, back and abdomen. Here are four moves
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  • Negative Effects of Watching TV

    by Dr. Christopher Weaver April 17th, 2019
    So chances are if you’re 65 years old or younger, you grew up with at least one television in your home. While most of us have fond memories of a Saturday morning cartoon or a great movie, we more-than-likely also have a memory or two of our parents telling us that too much TV is bad for us. And you know what? They were right!

    There have been a few interesting
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