Cardio Like a Child: Part 2

by Joe Lawrence February 28th, 2024

Ever since writing the article about doing cardio like a child, I have received a lot of emails from family and friends asking for more. They had so much fun pretending to be kids again that

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Kid-Friendly Superfoods

by Kimberly Hays February 21st, 2024

Sometimes it is difficult to get children to eat some superfoods like broccoli and greens, but, of course, you want them to have foods high in antioxidants and other nutrients for optimum health. There are some superfoods, however, that you can sneak into meals and snacks that they will love and not even know they are eating healthy. The following list will help you make certain that your kids, and

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All About Oats

by Bea February 14th, 2024

It is no secret that oatmeal is a great whole food choice for pre and post workouts. As a post-workout choice, oatmeal is great because it has a good carb to protein ratio. This will help with repairing your muscles so that they are ready to go for the next workout.

As a pre-workout choice, oatmeal is fantastic because it allows you to

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  • The Mindful Diet: Lose Weight Using Your Mind

    by Kimberly Hays February 7th, 2024

    Our relationship with food is a very personal one. We equate food with memories and good times with our family and friends. We in no way want to give up that, but we can change how we think about food. How does food make you feel when you eat? Being mindful of these feelings is supposed to get you on

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  • Healthy Snacks for Your Next Flight

    by R. Carnavale January 31st, 2024

    Why spend two to three times what you'd normally pay for a snack when you fly? With airlines raking in money on their onboard menu offerings, passengers oftentimes finding themselves paying outrageous prices for everyday foods, such as $5.00 for a CLIF Bar energy Bar or $8.00 for a serving of fruit and nut mix. There's no reason to be

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  • Matcha: The Unfamiliar Superfood

    by Kimberly Hays January 24th, 2024

    We are constantly discovering new superfoods that we can add to our diets. Although matcha may be something you have not heard of before, it has been around for over 800 years. It was used in ancient China as a medicine. It eventually made its way to Japan where it was used in ceremonies, and it is still

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