Avoid Chest Routine Injuries

by Joe Lawrence September 28th, 2022
The harsh reality to any fitness program is an injury can happen. Injuries are more likely to happen during the infant stages of a new program or when you begin to plateau and decide to push yourself extra hard without proper rest. Chest muscles are a very common area
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Quick Chest Workouts

by Joe Lawrence September 21st, 2022
The hardest part about getting into shape is finding the time to do it. When I was younger, I could spend hours at the gym and never skip a beat. However, now I am in my 30s, married, two kids under five…it is almost impossible to work out. I have been able to find a routine that works well for me and I will share the chest portion of it with you.

I still get in some workouts, but only
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The Heavy Bar is Still Relevant to Chest Routines

by Joe Lawrence September 14th, 2022
In my past few articles I have discussed the benefits of using dumbbells. They help with breaking down mental barriers we place on ourselves and build stability muscles. Although they are my favorite tools for the job, there are also benefits to hitting the heavy bar.

I was taught a very simple workout a long time ago and was reminded of it again recently as I was going through old workout articles. It consists of only four exercises: incline bench,
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  • What Do You Bench?

    by Joe Lawrence September 7th, 2022
    Go to any gym in the world and it is a given that there will be somebody on the flat bench trying to see what his one rep max is on bench. For some odd reason, this is the one statistic that you will be asked if you tell someone you went to the gym. There is an infatuation with benching…not sure why. However, I will tell you it
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  • 3 Cardio Exercises That Create a Toned Butt

    by Marnie Bii August 31st, 2022
    If you want to shape your butt while improving your overall fitness levels, consider focusing on cardio-exercises that utilize your glutes. Push yourself to make the most of each cardio session. At max effort, the muscles you use to move your body strengthen and tone up. After several months of performing the following routine two to three times a week, you'll notice a big difference in your body composition,
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  • Take a Squat For a Firm Butt

    by Joe Lawrence August 24th, 2022
    Many of us have a desk job where we sit all or most of the day. Sadly, this builds up the stress in our bodies as we instinctively want to be out and about. Another problem is that while our bodies are completely engulfed by the chair, we are not doing our muscles any favors. Today’s workout will help with both.

    Before I begin the workout, here is a simple
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