Staying Inspired to Keep Working Out

by Kimberly Hays March 21st, 2018
Working out can become tedious at times, which makes you not want to hit the gym or go for a run. Staying inspired is so important to continue your workout routine, but sometimes you just need to switch things up a bit to still get exercise, but take a
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Understanding the Lies: Body Image in Pop Culture

by Marnie Bii March 14th, 2018
Basing our body image expectations on images seen in pop culture is much akin to chasing rainbows. The images do not represent a healthy or obtainable female form due to the overuse of photo editing tools, makeup and lighting tricks. The video depicting the creation of an "ideal" image for an advertisement details the transformation process from beginning to end. During the process, a healthy, attractive woman is transformed into a cartoon-like depiction with heavily skewed proportions.

Furthermore, beauty
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The Spark Solutions Diet

by Kimberly Hays March 7th, 2018
The weight loss website, SparkPeople.com, has developed a diet called the Spark Solutions diet. The diet is formulated to fast track you into a regimen of healthy eating and regular exercise over a two week period. During this two week period you are supposed to lose five pounds. It is designed to keep you on the diet for the two week period, which is usually the period when most people fail to stay on their diet plan. There is
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  • Cardio Like a Child: Part 2

    by Joe Lawrence February 28th, 2018
    Ever since writing the article about doing cardio like a child, I have received a lot of emails from family and friends asking for more. They had so much fun pretending to be kids again that they almost forgot they were working out.

    I have come up with a way to get a couple more childlike exercises into the fitness toolbox.

    One is simulating the climbing and jumping kids do
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  • Kid-Friendly Superfoods

    by Kimberly Hays February 21st, 2018
    Sometimes it is difficult to get children to eat some superfoods like broccoli and greens, but of course you want them to have foods high in antioxidants and other nutrients for optimum health. There are some superfoods, however, that you can sneak into meals and snacks that they will love and not even know they are eating healthy. The following list will help you make certain that your kids,
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  • All About Oats

    by Bea February 14th, 2018
    It is no secret that oatmeal is a great whole food choice for pre and post workouts.  As a post-workout choice, oatmeal is great because it has a good carb to protein ratio. This will help with repairing your muscles so that they are ready to go for the next workout.

    As a pre-workout choice, oatmeal is fantastic because it allows you to train on a well prepared stomach. It
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