Enjoy the Great Outdoors for a Wellness Boost

by Marnie Bii February 24th, 2021
As the sun starts to peek out behind the clouds, it's important to head outdoors as much as possible. Spending too much time inside can make you feel absolutely stir crazy. Heading outdoors for at least an hour a day can lift your mood, ease anxiety and give you
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High Intensity Exercise Ideas Suitable for Couples

by Marnie Bii February 17th, 2021
Strict accountability often keeps you working toward your fitness goals when all you would rather do is give up. There is no better person to provide a boost of accountability than your life partner. Your partner may gladly jump on board as your fitness sidekick to work toward a better future together. Choosing a few exercises that are well suited for partner work make it even easier to achieve physical fitness as a couple. Here are three amazing workout
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Different Ways to Strength Train as a Couple

by Joe Lawrence February 10th, 2021
Thankfully, we are becoming a more fitness minded society. What better way to keep this momentum going than with your partner. More and more cities are creating bike lanes and running trails. There are more and more fitness classes and gyms opening all the time. You should take advantage of this as a couple.

Date nights do not always have to be about movies and dinners. Why can’t they involve some fitness? What better way to bond than through physical
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  • Improving Your Sleep Hygiene to Reduce Stress

    by Marnie Bii February 3rd, 2021
    When you're having a difficult week, it's likely that you start deeply ruminating about past and upcoming events as soon as your head hits the pillow. Unfortunately, disruptions in your quantity and quality of sleep can worsen stress, landing you in a never-ending cycle of worry. You can keep stress at bay by focusing on improving your sleep hygiene.

    • Start by getting rid of all light emitting devices in your
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  • Do Not Quit – Get Back to the Basics!

    by Joe Lawrence January 27th, 2021
    2015 is a brand new year, and so far all is good. There is something about the changing of the calendar that motivates us to re-invent ourselves. Instead of fighting this instinct, let’s embrace it and turn up the fitness to make this the year we got our body back on track.

    In my last article, It is Never Too Late for Fitness, I talked about it never being
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  • New Beginnings: 3 Cardio Exercises For A Toned Bodye

    by Marnie Bii January 20th, 2021
    When done right, cardio exercises burn calories while toning up muscles throughout the body. To maximize your results, you must pick the right equipment and moves to challenge your body to work its hardest. Focusing on the same exercises all of the time only trains a particular area of your body and leaves the rest lacking. Furthermore, repeating the same movements each session will make your workout feel stagnant
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