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Stop and Smell the Flowers for Improved Mood

by Marnie Bii
As April showers work on nourishing the May flowers, you can gear yourself up for a mood boost from these amazing blooms. Flowers have bright, vibrant colors that catch the eye and encourage positive imagery. Upon coming in close, the heavy scents may improve your mood, inspire creativity and lower stress in an instant.

Although coupling your flower-filled adventures

5 Great Workout Towels

by Jessica B.
Having a good towel is important for your workout. If you train at a gym, a towel can help protect you from bacteria and germs left on gym equipment from other exercisers. You can use your towel to cover your yoga mat, or just to clean up after a good run. Here are 5 of my favorite towels that work

Teen Fitness Expert: Easy Ways to Stay in Shape

by Sam P.
Staying in shape is far easier than it may seem.  Plus, it can be fun!  With all the unhealthy habits there are out there, it may seem you are destined to be unhealthy, but it is quite easy to stay in shape.  There are many ways to do this, some of which are more vigorous that others.

Start off with eating

Diet Strategy Tip: Cut Out the Temptations

by Marnie Bii
When dieting, everyone knows that any food is okay in moderation. After all, if it fits in your given macros for the day, why not have a taste? Unfortunately, many people cannot simply end at a taste, lick or bite of a tempting treat. After going past the breaking point, you may simply consider the battle lost and give

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