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5 Places to Buy Inexpensive Workout Gear

by Jessica B.
Don’t let the cost of workout gear put you off starting some new healthy habits in 2015. Workout gear does not have to be expensive. With a bit of skill, you can find everything you need both online or in brick and mortar shops. Here are my favorite places for finding great exercise gear at even better prices.

1) Target

DIY Hydrating Health Elixirs

by Suzanne Foglio
The general rule of thumb is to drink half your body-weight in ounces of water each day.  Someone that weighs 160 pounds would want to consume approximately 80 ounces of water daily and even more during intense workouts and hot weather.

But what if you don’t like water and no matter how hard you try you just can’t choke it

Diet Strategy: Commit To A Plan For 100 Days

by Marnie Bii
If your resolution for the new year included a diet overhaul, you might be yearning for quick results. Unfortunately, it takes a while for your body to adjust to nutritional fuel changes. The adjustment period could extend throughout the entire month, leaving you immediately frustrated with your new way of eating. As a result, you may drop the diet

Do Not Quit – Get Back to the Basics!

by Joe Lawrence
2015 is a brand new year, and so far all is good. There is something about the changing of the calendar that motivates us to re-invent ourselves. Instead of fighting this instinct, let’s embrace it and turn up the fitness to make this the year we got our body back on track.

In my last article, It is Never
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