15 Minute Fat Blasting Circuit

by Melissa Koerner | February 20th, 2013 | Fitness Expert

armsGet the maximum fat burning results in the least amount of time with this 15 minute circuit.

With circuit training you rev up your metabolism and put your body in fat blasting mode.  You not only build lean muscle with this style of training, but you boost your cardio respiratory function too.

Here’s a sample of one of my personal circuit routines.  It consists of five compound exercises that are performed back to back with short rest periods in between each circuit.

I suggest starting with 90 seconds of rest in between circuits for the first two to three weeks of training or when you’re able to complete four circuits with perfect form.   When you’re able to go through four circuits with perfect form, reduce your rest periods to 60 seconds to continue to challenge yourself.

To prevent overtraining, take a day of rest once every three days.  Your “recovery’ days are just as important as your training days; resistance training breaks your muscles down while rest periods allow for them to get stronger!

Here are the exercise variables:

  • Repetitions: 10 each
  • Intensity: -2 (you’ll only do 10 reps, but the exercise should be challenging enough where you feel like you could do two more—the goal is never to train at 100% intensity, but it should be challenging for you)
  • Sets: start with three and build up to four
  • Tempo: Moderate (count 1-2 up, 1-2 down)
  • Rest: start with 1:30 and build up to 60 seconds

Give this routine a try and let me know how you like it by leaving me a comment on FriendYourBody.com.


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