Fit for lunch or lunch fit?

by Jenn McD. | August 31st, 2010 | Eating Tips

Tomorrow for most kids, the 2010-2011 school year begins. As I was roaming the somewhat bare shelves of the local Wal-Mart with my inspiring and creative genius of a second mother, we came upon a topic for My Fitness Tunes. Getting back on track to being healthy when returning back to school.

During summer, it’s all about having fun in the sun and because of that, parents tend to disregard what goes in the kids’ mouth. Now that school is about to start, kids need to focus on getting the grades and making sure that they study and comprehend everything in the books. Ms. Lori and I suggest the following for breakfast and lunch to ensure 100% focus.


Fresh Fruit and yogurt- Slicing up some strawberries with some plain yogurt is perfect for the first day of school Pre-packaged fruit can have added and unnecessary sugars that could lead to an energy crash later on in the day. Chopping up the fruit from the night before can take away the freshness and healthy benefits to the meal.

Oatmeal- very high in protein and fiber, oatmeal is perfect as another first day of school breakfast meal. Oatmeal is very filling and will keep your child full until snack time. Add in a half of an English muffin and they could get all the way through till lunch!


Pizza Bagels- Send a little bit marinara sauce, some cheese, and whatever meat your child likes along with a plain bagel and they have their very own make it yourself pizza. It will be a filling and tasty meal that will get your child through the rest of the day,

Finger Food Salad- Take a little bit of lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery, along with some ranch or blue cheese dressing, and you have a very tasty and healthy side addition to the pizza bagel. Its pretty simple to assemble and your child can play with his or her food however they want to and are still eating healthy at the same time.

For dessert, add in a granola bar or if you wanna add in some candy, get the fun size snacks so that they can have their sweets, but still eat in moderation!

Have an awesome day at school to everyone that starts school tomorrow!

Shoutout to Ms. Lori for all the ideas and inspiring this post!

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