3 Steps to Winter Health

by Tom Seman MD FAAP | January 21st, 2015 | Children's, Fitness Expert

Children's-Fitness-ExpertThe holidays are over and the year is new. The kids are back in school and routine has been brought to order.

At this time of year, everyone makes resolutions to improve themselves and others. Our resolution and those of our children should be to stay healthy. But let’s first define that. To stay healthy, we need to maintain our mind, body, and soul. What do I mean?

1) Health is a state of mind. A will and desire to take care of yourself; recognize what is good for you and do it. A positive attitude in life will always influence you, and those around you.

Treating our children with positive influences and encouragement will make them positive with others. Research clearly demonstrates that, as well as the world around them. Being positive creates happiness, and happiness has proven to aid one’s healthy body. Constructive routines are designed to help organize ones required tasks, allowing for efficient use of time, and allowing more time to pursue one’s avocation.

2) To keep the body healthy, make sure you have your children drinking plenty of water throughout the whole day, not just during exercise. The low relative humidity (dryness in the air) causes the body to lose water just as much as during the hot days of the summer.  Be sure that they are also eating balanced meals and snacks high in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Sleeping at least 8 – 9 hours a night remains as equally important as proper nutrition and hydration. Physical activity improves a person’s sleep, as well as develop muscle, strength, flexibility and coordination.

3) The soul may have many interpretations, but in this case I refer to the sense of well-being that comes from having loving support and friends. We often focus on what the children are doing: homework, practice, games, volunteering, scouts and other such extracurricular activities. We need to focus on the activities that our children are not doing. This down time, playing unscheduled games and activities are equally important. Creative thinking, problem solving and exploration are some of the underlying goals of these activities. Children need this time to figure out how their own sense of morals and beliefs work with each other. Utilizing everything the parents have taught them as well as those lessons from other adults, the child needs to be comfortable with thinking on their own and trusting their judgment and themselves.  This “soul” combines the mind and body for a total, whole being.

So this new year make a resolution to create a healthy life and lifestyle for a long and comfortable life.

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