3 Tips to Get Running Again

by Mackenzie M. | September 6th, 2012 | Cardio, Running

There are plenty of people who are currently searching for tips on how to get motivated to begin a running regimen. Therein lies a small faction of individuals that were once avid runners, but for any number of reasons fell out of their running routine. Whether the running ceased because of stress, a busy schedule, or a short-term physical problem, it can be even harder for runners to restart than someone starting fresh.

Below are the three helpful tips that will get runners back into their running regimens without too much hassle.

Take it slow. As a former runner, it is very easy to try to start running again at the same distance or pace as before; however, the body will take some time to get used to going on long, runs again. Begin with a leisurely power walk, and then slowly move up to the former pace. Even if the reason for beginning running again is to train for a marathon by its deadline, training too fast can lead to injury and a discouraging attitude.

Instead, learn to enjoy running as a hobby once more. A slow and steady pace toward a running regimen will surely win the race, as too fast a speed will most certainly lead to complications. Running slowly can even be a great time to have conversations with old running buddies or enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Analyze intentions, and then set a goal. To start a running habit again means that there is a motivation to begin anew. Take the time to really analyze the intentions behind a return to running, as well as whether the motivation is genuine. Once beginning to train again, it is always helpful to set a goal to work toward. This can be anything from entering the local 5k, to getting in shape to improve appearance and health. Set goals for amount of weight loss or amount of muscle to be built.

Marathons, even if not actually participating, can be great motivators. A deadline for running fitness will ensure continued motivation to run towards a finite goal that is within reach. As with anything, make sure the goal is doable in relation to physical health and abilities.

Stick with it. As a former runner, it is foreign to feel sore or extremely tired after short runs; however, when beginning running for a second time, it will take the body a few weeks to get used to the activity again. Running requires a lot of energy and body movement, making it a difficult activity to simply begin again at random. The first few days and weeks will be hard, but as time passes, the body will once again get used to the intense activity. In no time a runner can be back out running with little physical strain. Be cure to stick with it through all of the muscle aches and lapses in energy, as it will always get better.

Follow these three simple tips, and you will be back to your running regimen in no time!

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