4 Foods You Need for Your F-Plan Diet

by Marnie Bii | September 2nd, 2014 | Accessories, Diet Plans

nuts (400x400)You can quietly lose weight by cutting 25% of your daily calories. In theory, a low calorie diet plan works great. In practice, it’s a bit trickier. Depending on the foods you’re consuming, you might feel ravenous, especially after intense activities. Even mentally straining activities could make your stomach growl and tighten. Thankfully, you can eliminate those hunger pangs and stick to your low calorie goals by filling up on fibrous foods. This is the premise of the F-plan diet. Read on to learn what to eat.


With more than 16 grams of fiber per 100 grams of beans, this ingredient leads the pack in fiber content. You’ll feel plenty full just from one serving of beans. Even if you don’t, beans are low calories enough to add a second helping without worry. You can add beans to green salads, pasta dishes or prepare them as a side dish all their own. Just be sure to go easy on the sugary sauces, as that could drive up the calorie content significantly. Beans also pair well with low fat cuts of meat, like chicken or pork, for an extra protein punch.

Whole Grains

You can switch all of your bread, noodles and crackers with whole grain substitutes for a boost in fiber. This simple change doesn’t alter the taste by much and will make you feel fuller longer. Whole wheat grains have twice as much fiber than their simple carbohydrate counterparts. In addition, the grains have fewer calories per serving, which makes it easier to stay within your given range. Watch the carbohydrate amounts per serving, however, as they can add up.


Low carb nuts, like almonds, pecans and walnuts, have a good sugar to fiber ratio. You can eat the nuts alone as a snack or as an accompaniment to your meals. Nuts work well on salads or alongside your sandwich. In addition to ample fiber levels, nuts contain high amounts of magnesium, iron and vitamin A. These minerals help your mind and body stay energized, healthy and well balanced. In an effort to keep your sodium levels in check, choose nuts that do not have any added salt.


The lowest calorie, high fiber food option is greens. Everything from broccoli and Brussels sprouts to romaine and spinach contain filling fiber without high calorie counts. Enjoy the vegetables with low calorie dressing, like vinegar and oil, for a full belly without the guilt. Pair your greens with a side of meat to keep your protein levels in check.

Practice Patience

While following the F-Plan, do not fret if you do not immediately start losing pounds. Fibrous foods are fairly carb heavy, which may make your body retain water at first. You should only lose one to two pounds a week for a healthy loss rate. Any faster and the loss might not be sustainable. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to keep your body from retaining water for longer than necessary.

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