4 Skin Care Items to Keep in Your Gym Bag

by Marnie Bii | April 2nd, 2015 | Accessories, Gym Bag

lotions (400x400)As you workout toward better health and an improved figure, you might feel perplexed with worsening skin issues. Exercise, especially when it results in rapid weight loss, has the potential to cause breakouts and compositional changes that wreak havoc on your motivation. Luckily, you can stock your gym bag with a few key essentials to prevent skin problems resulting from high intensity exercise sessions. Here are four items to get you started.

Sweat Band

Sweat dripping down your face from your hairline may contain products you recently placed in your hair. Environmental contaminants on your hair may also combine with your sweat and cause a reaction when it contacts the skin on your face and neck. You can wear a thick sweatband to wick away moisture and keep harmful substances off your face. The sweatband can be worn low on your forehead or just above your hairline.

Hand Towel

You may absentmindedly swipe stray hairs off your face and neck as you work through your exercise routine. This simple action transfers sweat to those surfaces, which can lead to irritation or breakouts. Get into the habit of wiping off your hands on a small towel before touching your face and neck. Use a hand towel made from 100% cotton for the best moisture removal properties. The hand towel should be washed after every workout to remove sweat-loving bacteria from its fibers.


Despite your best efforts to keep sweat on your face and neck to a minimum, your face will also produce a bit of moisture on its own. You can clean off your skin using a nice toning product to keep irritation to a minimum. Choose a toner that contains a small percentage of salicylic acid if you are already acne prone. You can go the natural (and low cost!) route by using witch hazel to quickly cleanse your skin. Swipe the product across your face using disposable makeup pads to prevent cross contamination.


If you frequently exercise outdoors, there’s no doubt you slather on a high quality sunscreen before heading out the door. However, did you know that you also need sunscreen while exercising indoors? Windows actually increase the intensity of sunlight streaming onto your skin. Make sure your sunscreen has a high SPF protection rating for both UVB and UVA rays. Many people favor Japanese sunscreen products, like Biore or Shisheido, which feature both types of protection with a low white cast and no greasiness. Remember to reapply after your workout as well since sweat washes away the protection.

Focusing On Skincare

As you get your skincare routine in line with your other personal improvement projects, you will reveal an entirely new form. Your confidence may soar as you enjoy a healthy body and clear skin. Remember to update your gear and products every six months to keep them fresh and clean. If you inadvertently use an expired product, you may see an increase in breakouts or irritation after your workouts.

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