5 Reasons to Like Treadmills

by Louise | January 25th, 2011 | Running

treadmillThere once was a time when I really hated treadmills. Granted, I had once fallen off of one, and consequently, the word “treadmill” never really sparked happy thoughts in my mind. However, now a cross country and track runner in college, I’ve developed a new appreciation for treadmills. Here are 5 reasons to like treadmills:

  1. Running on a treadmill guarantees consistent, sure footing. This is important for me, because I have weak ankles and get nervous when there’s snow on the ground and I can’t tell exactly how my foot will land. Ice on the ground is also a treacherous condition I like to avoid by hopping onto the treadmill for the day.
  2. One can have water readily available during the run. It is often recommended to drink water or a sports drink after 15-20 minutes of exercise. If you’re on a long run, and are not among those who carry water along with them on a belt, this becomes impossible. You can keep a water bottle handy on a treadmill, and watch the clock, or simply how you feel, to know when to hydrate.
  3. They can be used while one watches a television show or movie. I know that many people like to keep their TV-watching and exercise separate, but I feel the opposite way. I don’t like just sitting in front of a coach to watch the news or a movie; I get antsy. By turning on the TV while getting in my workout for the day, I can kill two birds with one stone.
  4. It’s easy to make goals on your run and see that you hit them. Usually, before I start a workout, I have an idea of how “far” I want to run. However, when I get to that point on a run, sometimes I see that there is another nearby goal, such as running for a certain number of minutes, or seeing the calorie counter hit a certain number. The numbers are addicting (often in a torturous way).
  5. You know exactly what you’ve accomplished when you finish. This makes recording your exercise amount and intensity extremely easy. Most treadmills provide a workout summary, letting you know your average speed or maximum heart-rate if you checked it during your exercise.

Don’t get me wrong; I choose earth over a conveyor belt for the majority of the year, but treadmills definitely have some advantages that are often overlooked.

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