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There are many aspects about school that make me excited to come back to Northeastern; however, I am really pumped to come back to play intramural sports. Intramural sports are not too competitive. While varsity sports and club sports are the types of activities that are played against other colleges, intramurals are sports in which the games are played amongst people in the college.

Intramurals are more recreational than they are competitive. There are, of course, people who get really into the games, but in general, they are just played for fun. Last year I played volleyball during both the fall and spring seasons.  This year I am excited to learn a sport that is new  to me. It is called broomball.

Broomball originated in Canada. Broomball is kind of comparable to hockey but with sneakers instead of skates, a ball instead of a puck, a broom instead of a hockey stick, and those are just a  few of the examples that I can think of. A broomball game consists of two teams, consisting of six players each: a goaltender and five others. The point of the game is to score the most goals. Goals are scored by hitting a ball into the opponent’s net using a broom. The broom may have a wooden or aluminum shaft and looks similar to a typical household broom. To people outside of North America, broomball is often mistaken for the sport of curling.

Broomball is a really popular sport to pick up–especially in college. The sport is not too popular in the sense of a “varsity” sport, but it is a huge intramural sport. In fact, at Northeastern University, broomball is the most popular intramural sport that is offered! Following that sport comes volleyball. I had a ton of fun playing volleyball, and I am so excited to play broomball in the fall.

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