Drop the Comparisons, Everyone is Different

by Marnie Bii | February 13th, 2015 | Body & Image, Mind & Body

confidence (400x400)Forget the fruit comparison shapes of yesteryear, there are more than a dozen realistic body types recognized today. For that reason, it is important to realize that comparing your unique body type to others is a losing battle. Each shape gains, loses and carries weight differently to create a type all your own.

Accepting yourself as truly unique and beautiful can go a long way in creating a healthy body image outlook. You will realize that you do not need to conform to the latest beauty trend or standards to feel attractive. Anyway, all of those ideals change so rapidly, it would be a major feat to try and keep up. Instead, you can just be the best you possible and accept that as the new perfect.

You can still strive for personal improvements without feeling like you are going back on your body acceptance ideals. As you strive for a healthy weight or improved physical fitness, accepting your body as it is will help you view setbacks without mentally beating yourself up. As you meet your goals, you can adjust the way you perceive yourself and move on from there.

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