Eat, Exercise, and Be Merry

by Chang Song | December 14th, 2010 | Eating Tips

During the winter holiday season, it is important to relax and be happy because no one wants to be on Santa’s naughty list just right before Christmas. Often times, people find themselves more stressed out than they should be. One of the concerns during holiday season is that the pounds they shed and kept off this past year will be gained in the holiday season and because quite frankly no one wants to spend their holidays at the gym, so it is going to be quite a challenge to keep the weight off.

It is really not worth stressing out about the little things on the holidays when you could be doing other things like watching your favorite television programs and spending quality time with your family. People often get bent out of shape about not being able to go to the gym while they are putting on the extra pounds during the holiday season. Now, there are other options to lose weight during the holidays as the winter holiday and Christmas should be all about spending time with your loved ones, not with strangers at the gym.

First thing first, you don’t have to be at the gym 365 days a year in order to burn calories and lose weight. If you are one of those people who can’t necessarily maintain your workout regimen, drop your workout loads and start small. What I mean from starting small is this: let’s start from beginning — let’s burn calories from walking. Don’t even attempt to jog or run yet, just walk. Walk a little more each and everyday, and make it a routine. For example why not walk an extra lap when you shop in the holidays?

Additionally, another way to lose weight is to eat sparingly. However, for some of us, it is not really an option as million of people around the world struggle with weight issues not only during holiday seasons but also all around the year. Finding substitutes for holiday goodies is the perfect solution and a great way to keep the weight off. For example, find low-fat eggnogs instead of the regular stuff which cost people about 200 calories. Plus, for God’s sake, you don’t need to put all that butter in homemade goods.

The most important things this holiday season are to eat helathy, to exercise efficiently, and, most importantly, to enjoy the time spent with family.

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