Exercising with Everyday Items

by TJ Davis | July 22nd, 2010 | Exercise Equipment

Money’s tight. We can all relate. So what do you do if you want to get in shape but your budget does not allow for any splurging? Gyms charge high monthly fees, exercise equipment for your home – such as treadmills, steppers and weight benches – are very costly, and even videos and DVDs for home use can tax a tight budget. Here are some tips for getting fit at home without without fretting over finances:

Adding even a little weight resistance to your workout really helps increase the burn. No need to buy expensive hand weights if you have a pantry! Cans of soup or vegetables fit well in the palm of a hand, and weigh in at about 1/2 – 3/4 lb each. If you are looking for more weight, try filling empty milk jugs or chlorine bottles with water or sand.

Some of the best toning can be done using a simple step. Aerobic step platforms can run over $50.00, but you can get the same effect using the stairs in your home. If you don’t have stairs, a brick or level piece of flagstone may suffice. Use the raised surface to do step aerobics, calf extension and stretches.

A sturdy kitchen chair can be a handy workout tool. Stand behind it holding on to the back for support and do leg lifts; sit on the edge of the seat with your back straight and use your can or bottle weights to do arm curls and extensions; or sit forward in the seat, and reach around slowly to the back of the chair – to one side and then the other – for a good spinal stretch.

Who needs celebrity workout videos when you can exercise to your favorite tunes? Some cable channels even have fitness programs on daily or weekly that you can watch and participate with once a day or once a week. Remember, though, to check with you doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

  1. Michele says:

    Using cans is also a good way to introduce kids and teens to weights when starting a workout regimen.

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