Exploring the Hacker’s Diet in Detail

by Marnie Bii | March 3rd, 2015 | Diet Plans, Healthy Eating

graph and chartThe Hacker’s Diet breaks down the weight loss and maintenance process in formulaic steps that are easy for anyone to understand. Technologically minded individuals enjoy the ability to use spreadsheets and graphs to create a plan and track progress. Everyone else appreciates the way this diet plan breaks down weight loss into a manageable problem, much like a simple math equation. After all, in its simplest form, weight loss can be attributed to eating far fewer calories than those expended throughout the day. In fact, this diet does not even work exercise into the equation, it simply deals with controlling calories to slough off the pounds.

Starting Out

When following the Hacker’s Diet, you can either go at it alone or use the free online tracking program on the associated website. You will need to start your journey by studying about how your body utilizes calories to provide energy or store fat. The information also goes into rather complex ideas, like exponential moving averages, that should be understood, especially if you will be tracking on your own. Thankfully, if you use the tracking software, these averages and other data control methods are automatically employed using your inputted information.

Graphs and Charts

You can eat any type of food on this diet as long as you keep your calories in the right range. Although that means you could lose weight just eating cake, a balanced diet is required to keep your macro and micro nutrients in check. As you input your daily calories consumed, the programs or spreadsheets will perform equations to determine your total loss or gain for that day.

Over the course of the week, your information is averaged out to show your total progress. If you like the ability to watch your progress in real time, you will love this aspect of the diet. Otherwise, you can simply log your information daily and look at the charts monthly to see a downward trend. Either way, be ready to see the charts and graphs move up and down as your body adjusts to composition changes by stubbornly holding onto water weight.


If you keep your calories low and energy expenditure high, you will lose anywhere from one to three pounds a week. If you do not see any progress, it may help to see a doctor and have your hormone panels checked for irregularities. You may also want to use a food scale to keep your inputs accurate at all times. Even the slightest regular deviations from your consumed calories will negatively impact your progress.

Once you lose the intended pounds, you will want to stay on the Hacker’s Diet to maintain your weight. If you go back to your normal routine, you will quickly put the pounds back on your frame. Some people even gain a bit more than their starting weight due to the propensity to overcompensate for the prior changes. Continuation of the diet keeps your diet stable and ensures you stay honest with yourself.

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