Fill Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

by Joan Jacobsen | October 26th, 2011 | Fitness Expert

Exercising goes hand in hand with maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s quite apparent to step (pun intended) into the habit of jumping jacks, hula hooping, and running when your mind is set on a healthy fitness regime. What is not that easy on your proverbial climb is a positive mindset.

One might not think that forming positive thoughts would play an important role in keeping your entire body in maximum health; however, it really does. Studies by the Society of Nuclear Medicine revealed that depression is linked to a lower flow of blood to your brain, which diminishes your overall health. Simply thinking positive thoughts will increase and circulate healthy amounts of life sustaining blood to your brain.

There’s nothing wrong with imagining that the glass is half full (instead of empty), or that one day you (yes, little ole’ you) may change the world. These are all healthy thoughts and ideas that will keep your mind active with wonderful beliefs of success and joy. We certainly do not need stress in our lives; however, sometimes we just can’t evade or walk away from it. You can reverse negativity into positivity.

When I started my journey over two years ago, I was at the lowest point of my life. I had no self-esteem and thought of myself as worthless. Day after day, I would fool everyone, including myself, that I was living a happy and content life. I turned it around by picturing myself wearing a bathing suit (a one piece of course, after all I was 56 years old – there was no bikini on this body) on a pristine white sandy beach, sipping a Margarita.

Why not, why couldn’t I have this mirage come to light? I started thinking more happy and positive thoughts, and I would take a few moments in the morning before work to clear my mind of anything negative. My co-workers thought I was on a crusade, and actually I was (figuratively speaking) by forming an army of favorable notions to stave off the unfavorable ones.

So try as a mental exercise to clear your mind of anything adverse before your day begins, and make it a point to start the day off with a positive attitude; you will be amazed at the results. Begin your new day just as if you were living it as the first day of your life, which was unfettered and innocent. Remember, it takes more muscles to frown (which may lead to more wrinkles) than to smile!

  1. lois says:

    That’s great advice….even though it may be hard at times it’s sure worth trying & trying again to keep a positive outlook. One day at a time!!

  2. Joanie says:

    Baby steps always, that’s my belief like the “Tortoise And The Hare”, slow and steady wins the race!

  3. lois says:

    Great job Joanie!! Looking forward to more
    informative & helpful articles.

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