Getting Ready for Your First Marathon

by Bea | April 29th, 2010 | Running

Okay, so maybe you are out of shape, so what! You still can get ready for your first marathon! Even if you are not a runner, it is not an impossible goal to achieve. We never said that you had to win the race, you just need to finish it.

I used to think that I would have no interest in running a marathon. I thought to myself, there is no way I would want to run for over 4 hours. Uh uh, no way. I never even gave it a chance, and it was not until I volunteered for the Boston Marathon this year that I realized how realistic running a marathon actually is. As runners came up to me and asked for a printout of their results, I realized that a four hour run was a steady 9 minute mile– now that does not sound too bad, does it?

Don’t get me wrong, training to run a marathon will take a lot of physical, as well as emotional, strength and endurance, but it is doable–even for the novice runner. It all just takes a lot of planning.

If you are a novice runner, plan on starting your training at least 6 months in advance. Start by picking a goal date to run the marathon on and move on from there. Make sure that you have the proper running equipment. Yes, it may get a little pricey for the shoes, but these are the single most important purchase you will make as you train for your race. Choosing the right shoe will prevent injuries and hopefully keep you pain free.

Once you have the proper equipment, start running regularly for at least 30 minutes a day; you want your body to be used to the physical wear and tear that you are going to be putting it through while you are training. If 30 minutes a day is too much for you, start off by doing a conditioning program to work your way into the 30 minutes a day.

From there, it is all about which program you want to follow. Many people have existing plans out there in books or online, but others follow a coach’s or a trainer’s plan. Good luck!

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