Lower Body Workout Made Easy

by Joe Lawrence | December 9th, 2013 | Lower Body

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have read any of my other articles on working out, you have discovered that I do not employ many conventional fitness regimens, mainly because I do not have the time I used to with work and children. Also, because I enjoy mixing things up while I am getting my workout. It is no different for legs.

The beauty about working legs is that it is really easy to find exercises doing every day things. We are constantly on our legs and with just a little resistance we can reach any muscle goal we have.

There are few areas I will cover: extra weight, extra effort, and over dramatize.

First, extra weight. This is the simplest and most gradual approach. On days I wish to challenge my legs a bit, I will add some weight to my back pack or briefcase. By adding a couple of 5 or 10 pound weights, I am making my normal routine of just walking a bit more challenging. Again, this is gradual; however, you can add as much weight as you would like. For instance there are weight vests, weight belts, or even ankle weights you can use to boost the resistance levels.

Next, there is the extra effort. We all hear park farther away or try and take the steps. However, there is a different twist. First of all try to park down hill. Or seek out the most challenging route from the car to the door. Park where you have to step over a bunch of berms or leap a ditch or two. Next, instead of taking the steps…take them backwards. Walking up or down steps backwards works your opposing muscles and gives you a much different feel. It is also a great conversation starter with a passing an executive.

Lastly, be over dramatic. While at the house, I will lunge my way from one room to the next. I really love to combine this with play time with the kids. My daughter loves getting on my shoulders and having me act like a duck waddling all over. The extra weight and over dramatic motions are killer on the legs, I even sometimes add in some obstacles I have to duck under or step over to make it even more exciting.

By the end of the day, my legs have received exponentially more resistance with the increased demands than on a normal day. I will not get buff in a week, but my enduring strength has gone way up.

Be creative and seek ways to tweak your daily routine to reach your fitness goals.

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