by Bea | March 9th, 2010 | Biking

If running seems to be too tiring for you, start out with biking! By biking first, you will be able to build up some of your muscles and stamina, and maybe you will be able to run what you bike in some time.

Today I had the opportunity to bike over 20 miles on Connecticut’s Air Line Rail Trail. The Air Line Rail Trail is a scenic and peaceful 50 mile stretch across eastern Connecticut, through the towns of East Hampton, Colchester, Thompson, and more. This ex-railroad track trail is absolutely fantastic. There are 1000s of these types of trails across the United States, and if you live near one, you really should head out to try it. They provide a sense of solitude and beauty for walkers, runners, rollerbladers, bikes, dogs (on leashes), and more.

However, many people do not enjoy biking because they complain about the discomfort a bike seat brings.  Many people cannot last past a certain amount of time because of a bike seat, while others pay a lot of money for an expensive comfortable seat. Today I had the opportunity to test out a MoonSaddle. While at first it did not seem too comfortable, I realized that after a certain amount of time I was really enjoying this seat.

Tested on many police officer bike forces and more, the MoonSaddle has been proven to be a great seat for those on long bike rides. The design specifically incorporates the body to become an anatomy-friendly saddle. It is also lightweight and is designed to use the natural support system of the skeleton. It claims to be the most comfortable bike seat ever built and is waterproof and scuff resistant.

Men will benefit the most from the MoonSaddle. When you look at a picture of one of these saddles I think the reason for this will become apparent to you. However, it is still beneficial to women and children as well. Another cool thing about it is that it is a one size fits all saddle. With this saddle,your “sit bones” are being supported– not your buttocks.

If you are looking to get into biking again, here is a comfy way back!

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