Music Controls Your Pace

by Bea | January 27th, 2008 | Running

Although you may not realize it, music does have a tendency to control your running pace.

Sometimes when I run without music, the passing of cars doesn’t seem to give me too much motivation. However, I usually have my headphones in, and I’ll listen to my Ipod. I like most of the music that I have put on my little shuffle, but oftentimes I know that I have got to switch the song to keep a good pace. For example, if a song like “One Thing” by Finger Eleven comes on, I start to slow down.

My advice would be to make a playlist specifically for exercising on your MP3 player. That way, all you’ll end up listening to is “pump-up” songs, or songs that will keep you going. You may not realize it at first, but a slow song could change your footing. However, even fast songs that carry a different rhythm or beat could alter your step. Instead of tapping your feet to the music, you will be running to the music! Try counting your steps for a minute while you listen to different types of music, you’ll probably find a difference between each song!

And just a side note, if you are a runner, you should count about 90 steps per minute.

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