Summer Fitness Advice for Beginners

by Editorial Team | July 9th, 2014 | Fitness Expert

walk on beach (400x400)Summer is here; the season which inspires many to workout.  However, if summer has arrived and you aren’t in what you deem to be perfect a bathing suit body, you may be feeling frustrated.  Don’t look at the arrival of summer as a disappointment, rather see it as a challenge to continue on your fitness journey.  Although you still have goals to conquer, summer begs for a healthy lifestyle.  Read on for a few tips.

1. Stay with it

So, in late March you decided that this was year that you wouldn’t feel like you had to wear a shirt over your bathing suit.  Now it’s early July, and while you’ve made improvements, you aren’t quite there.  Don’t take this as an excuse to cease exercising and eat outlandishly!  Rather look at all of the progress you have made and recognize that you are closer to your goal.  Slow and steady wins the race.

2. But the food temptations. . .

If you live in a community like mine, it seems that there are ice cream stands every 10 feet.  On a hot day what would be the better way to spend some time than with a double scoop on a sugar cone?  Yes, a treat like this is quite nice, but it is just that- a treat.  Keep your regular diet of healthy eating and also treat yourself occasionally to an indulgence, whether it be ice cream, strawberry shortcake, or a pina colada.

At the same time, take advantage of all of the local produce that is available.  Yes, salads and veggies can be become boring.  However, with a little creativity they can be become a tasty and healthy meal.  I find it quite useful to incorporate spices, herbs, and vinegars.  Greek yogurt makes a fabulous dressing or dip, which adds more flavor (and protein).

3. Take advantage of the time of year

There are many advantages to summer.  Going to the beach for the day? Don’t just lay on your blanket; take a nice, long walk.  Have kids home from school? Play a friendly game of soccer, wiffle ball, or basketball in your yard.  Take advantage of the longer days and take a walk after dinner.  (Don’t count this as your workout; make it an extra workout for the day!)  Don’t forget to look for resources in your community- swim a couple laps at the city pool, join a biking group, or take a hike in the local nature preserve.

This year don’t just enjoy summer; embrace it and all of the fitness potential summer provides.

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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