The Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet

by Kimberly Hays | September 10th, 2013 | Diet Plans, Diet Strategy

saladThe raw food diet is becoming very popular and it is important to know the facts before starting any new diet. This diet is similar to a vegan or vegetarian diet, but all of the food is eaten raw, and all of it is unprocessed. The food cannot be eaten if it is over 118 degrees. This is the temperature that is said to be when the enzymes in the food die. There are many experts who do not feel that the raw diet is the healthiest, and that we should be eating 75% uncooked food, and 25% cooked foods to reap all of the benefits of our fruits and vegetables. We will cover the pros and cons here so you make a sound decision as to whether this diet is the right one for you.


A raw food diet will aid in lowering glucose levels and cholesterol in your body. It is also a great way to get plenty of fiber in your body that aids in cleansing. The variety of food choices and many ways to prepare meals makes the diet attractive. It is also an easy diet because preparation does not require a lot of time cooking. It is easy to grab a banana or apple before you head out the door. Foods that are eaten on a raw food diet are not refined or processed in any way, so you will not be ingesting added sugar, preservatives, and salt used in these methods. Also, any fats you consume while eating a raw diet are all healthy fats that are good for your heart.


When eating a raw diet, you will want to carefully choose the foods you eat, and therefore will want to buy the cleanest foods that you can. This means that you will need to buy organic foods, and they are more costly than others, so this diet can cause an increase in your grocery bill. Certain foods, like tomatoes and carrots, must be cooked in order to get the highest amount of nutrients from them. There is also a lack of vitamin D, as well as low in calcium. This can cause a vitamin D deficiency and bone loss. There is also the concern of food-borne diseases that can come from uncooked foods.

So, what is the verdict? It appears that as with most things, there needs to be a balance. Raw organic foods are good for us, but try to only eat up to 75% of your diet in raw foods. Add the foods to your diet that are better for you when they are cooked to be sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimum health.

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