Why Run?

by Mackenzie M. | October 3rd, 2011 | Running

running shoes sneakerAs both a college student, and a relatively normal human being, I often find myself desperately searching for the motivation to go for a run.

Although this sounds like a silly problem, it is an issue that frequently faces the recreational runner. Only yesterday I found myself asking the question, “Why run, when I can just as easily sit down with a snack, and watch a movie on my computer?” That really caused me to stop and think. Why do I run in the first place? What keeps me focused on running?

After thinking about it, here are a few elements that motivate me, and I would like to know what motivates My Fitness Tunes readers. So I am asking you: What  works to get you off the couch for a run?

Health. Exercise is a necessary part of life. With all of the chemicals, fats, sugars, and other additives in the food we eat, exercise is more important now than ever. Each time I run, I try to think of all of the toxins I am working out of my body, and how each run I take makes me a little healthier.

Appearances. Appearances are everything in American culture, and your appearance reflects on you as a person. This is perhaps the biggest motivator for me. Running is a really easy way to help stay fit. Basically, doing this type of exercise gives you a lean physique.

Stress Relief. Often, I, like many others, am motivated to run when I am very stressed out. Nothing kills stress like a good run through the park. Instead of wallowing in stress on your couch, or in your bed, a good run will not only relieve stress quickly and effectively, it will make you healthier in the process. This happens as your body actually releases endorphins while running…basically, the “runner’s high.”

Social Interaction.  Often I run with my friends. When we do so, we have a chance to connect even though our schedules are busy with work, volunteering, classes, and studying.  And if two or more people are waiting for me in the park, I am more likely to stick to my plan to work out.

Sense of Accomplishment. Are you familiar with that satisfying feeling you get after a good run? It is a warm feeling of accomplishment and of self-pride. Especially when it takes a little extra motivation to get out there and run, there is nothing sweeter than that post-run feeling of accomplishment.

Here is what motivates me, comment, and let us know what motivates you!

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