3 Awesome Ways Yoga Melts Away Stress

by Marnie Bii | April 3rd, 2015 | Mind & Body, Stress

yoga on beach (400x400)Yoga directly addresses all of the mechanisms that allow stress to run out of control. With yoga, you must control your breathing, focus on movements and work out all of your excess energy. While you hold each pose, your yoga instructor will regularly remind you to keep your breathing in pace with big inhales, long holds and drawn out exhales. Breathing exercises naturally help reduce stress levels until you feel a sense of calm overcome your being.

You will also need to keep your mind occupied by focusing on your posture and activation of the target muscle groups. Keeping your mind occupied helps mitigate previously overwhelming feelings of stress. Yoga is just challenging enough to leave you feeling worn out, yet relaxed at the end of the session.

All of the nervous energy you brought into the room likely disappeared by the end of your session. Upon returning home, you may notice that the calm energy lasts throughout the night. You can gain the most benefits by scheduling at least three yoga sessions a week during high stress periods to center your mind and body using healthy outlet. Try ashtanga, vinyasa, hot or other yoga styles to find the best fit for your mood and fitness level.

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