4 Accessories That You Need for Your Gym Trips

by Marnie Bii | June 22nd, 2022 | Accessories, Gym Bag

mp3 player (400x400)The items you bring with you to the gym definitely have a positive effect on your experience there. Proper preparation ensures you can use the gym facilities to comfortably complete our entire workout. The right mix of supplies also assists in constantly pushing your limits and excelling to new fitness heights. Here are four items that will help you make the most of your time at the gym.


Most gyms have rows of lockers you can use to store your stuff while you exercise. Unfortunately, thieves are not above rifling through belongings while the rightful owners are focused on bettering their health and appearance. Therefore, upon placing your belongings inside the locker, you need to lock it up using a high quality padlock. Make sure the padlock utilizes a combination tumbler, rather than a key, so you do not need to keep anything extra on your person.

MP3 Player

Music can help you ignore slight soreness and creeping fatigue while you push through your exercise routine. Your tunes will also help set the tempo for your workout to keep you moving at an acceptable pace. Make sure to pick your songs carefully while preparing your MP3 player for the gym. Hard rock, rap and dance music are often the best exercise motivators due to their fast-paced use of bass notes. Change out the songs often to avoid growing bored with your music choices.


You should keep careful track of your workout progress to make sure you are always setting and beating personal goals. Use a small notebook to record each exercise type and duration or weight in separate sections. Each week, add a new date and input your performance for that session. Although you may not always see improvement week to week, you should notice an upward trend overall.

Protein Bars

Protein bars help your body utilize the right forms of fuel for positive muscle growth and improved endurance. You should look for protein bars with low carbs and high fat to feel satiated from that simple snack. You can eat the protein bar before or after your workout, depending on your preferences for working out on a full or empty stomach. Drink a lot of water alongside the protein bar to keep your body hydrated despite losing fluids through sweat.

Keeping Your Bag Stocked

Since the protein bars and MP3 player will not store well in the car, you will need to bring your bag inside the house after every workout session. Having your bag inside while you prepare for the gym can help you keep it stocked with the right items anyway. Alongside the above items, make sure to bring extra clothes and shoes in case you find you are in need of a quick change before leaving the gym. Make sure to fill up a big water bottle and tuck it into the side of your bag. Furthermore, always check your pen for ink and add more protein bars to the bag before you head out.

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