4 Nutrient-Rich Stomach Turning Super Foods

by Marnie Bii | March 17th, 2015 | Healthy Eating, Superfoods

balut egg (400x400)Sometimes nutritious food does not always come in the most appetizing package. In fact, the most delicious things on the menu do not often have the nutritional value of less palatable ingredients. The following nutrient dense items definitely take that idea to the next level, however. Luckily, if you eat a food item often enough, some say 15 attempts at least, you may learn to love it. Here are four super foods you should give a fighting chance.

Fish Skin

When fried up crispy, fish skin tastes an awful lot like the ocean, seaweed and the flesh of the fish in question. The most popular type of fish skin to eat straight comes from king, Coho and pink salmon. You can obtain a crispy finish by cooking the filets, skin on, in a pan or on the grill. You can also peel the skin off and deep-fry it if you’re feeling brave. No matter which way you prepare it, the skin contains a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and selenium.


An even bigger source of iron and nutrients comes from the liver of animals like chickens and cows. Liver contains nearly your full daily allotment of vitamin A in each serving as well. This type of meat does not contain very many calories either, but you should not eat it in large quantities due to the vitamin A content. Instead, dine on a modest dish of liver once a month to boost your vitamin levels without risk of overdoing it. You can turn liver into a delicious meal by sautéing it with caramelized onion and garlic.


Insects are slowly being accepted as a snack and cooking ingredient. Beyond being a sustainable food source, insects are packed full of nutrients, such as high amounts of protein, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. You can pick up dried and ground grasshoppers, caterpillars, weevils, termites and mealworms to use as breading for fried chicken or steak. You can also find these critters coated in a thick layer of chocolate for a savory, yet sweet treat on the go.


Although insects definitely take some getting used to, balut is the most difficult one on this list to accept. Balut is an egg containing the whites, yolk and a partially formed duck fetus. When cooked, the entire egg basically tastes like bits of meat mixed into egg. The appearance may turn you off at first. If you can stomach this item, you will gain tons of protein, iron and calcium with each bite.

Slow Road To Acceptance

As you try the foods, keep the negative thoughts out of your mind. Think positively about the nutritional value of the food in front of you. Furthermore, try to tell yourself at least three positive things about the flavor, texture or appearance of each ingredient. For each taste session, prepare the ingredients in a different way to find your favorite presentation. You may not enjoy whole insect ingredients, but find them amazing when used as a protein powder in baked goods.

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