Ab Exercises at Home

by MPK | March 19th, 2010 | Exercises

Bathing suit is even closer, which may mean you’re working even harder to get ready.  In the past two weeks, you’ve learned about some simple upper body and lower body exercises that you can do at home- without any exercise equipment.  This week we have a couple exercises designed to work your ab muscles, and again these exercises require no special gym paraphernalia.

I.Core work- in a chair from Lisa Hoffman at Solo Fitness & Wellness Inc.

1. Sit straight up in a chair – your back should be supported. Feet flat on the floor.

2. Both hands on your belly button. Inhale, and extend your abdominals out big (a big belly). Then exhale and pull your abs in all the way until they can’t go any more. Do this 5 times.

3. Then, increase to quick breaths — make the belly expand and contract smaller. Exhale and press your hands into your belly button while moving your abdominals in – this is a quick motion. Do 3 sets of 10 then increase to 4 sets of 10 each day.

Things to remember:

These quick breaths may make you a bit dizzy at first, so go slowly in the beginning. Also your lower back may feel achy as the transverse muscle are attached to your pelvis. This will go away as you become more regular in this exercise.

II. Planks from Liz Modrell at Uniquely Your Personal Training & Fitness Education

1. Lie on your stomach on a mat.  Hold (brace) your abs tight.

2. Contract them as if someone was about to punch you in the stomach, but breath normally. Tighten the glutes.

3. Raise your body in a straight line and rest your bodyweight on your elbows and toes, so that your body hovers over the mat.  Elbows should be directly under shoulders.  Keep your back straight and your hips up. Hold this position for 10-60 seconds.

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