Aerobics and Lower Body Strength

by Jessica B. | November 16th, 2012 | Lower Body, Strength Training

If you are getting tired of doing routine leg lifts and using machines to target your lower body, there are plenty of classes available at most gyms that can help your lower body muscles while working to build your cardio. Recent studies have shown that combining these forms of exercise can help build muscle mass faster. Here are some classes to be on the look out for:

Zumba – This combination of aerobics and dance is a great way to build lower body strength. Through repetitive movements, you are strengthening and building lower body tone while getting a good aerobic workout.

Spinning – This bicycle workout is a great way to get your pulse up, but it is also great for building muscle tone. Expect to feel this workout in your thighs, but also in your calves and lower legs.

Boot camp – While boot camp targets the entire body, it also gives you great focus on a lower body workout and helps you to build muscle mass. Many gyms now offer a wide variety of boot camp classes, including some that require a longer commitment. This can be a great way to get the benefits of having a personal trainer without the additional costs.

Step aerobics – Step aerobics are not as popular as they used to be, but if you can find a class, it can be a great way to target your lower body while incorporating an aerobic workout. Choose to use a higher stair so that you can get the most from your workout.

Aerobarre – This combination of aerobics and ballet is new. It can build lower body strength and develop your cardio abilities. While it may seem like an odd combination, once you get a hang of the moves, you may find yourself feeling graceful and smooth while training leg muscles you didn’t know you had!

Water aerobics – Many gyms offer water aerobics classes in their swimming pools. These can be a great way to train the lower body while recovering from injury, and to step your workout up a notch. You will be able to target specific muscle groups and test your physical limits. If you feel like the aerobic aspect of the workout is lacking, you can always add an extra swim to the end of your workout. This is another great way to build lower body strength and cardio.

Check with your gym to see what options they have. Many gyms have custom classes that can be fun. Look for dance classes and other lower body focused training methods.

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