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by Bea | January 2nd, 2014 | Cardio, Walking

walking (1280x1280)While researching different types of fitness walking programs, I learned about Chi Walking. Chi Walking is a program that is designed to give you a walking program that will help you look and feel better than ever.

According to the Chi Walking website, participating in the Chi Walking program will help you improve your posture, strengthen core muscles, relax overused or tight muscles, and better your cardio and aerobic conditioning.  To participate in the program, you have to buy the Chi Walking book, DVD, and Workbook. By following their program, they claim that you will be able to transform your walking into a “mindful practice”.

The program references Five Mindful Steps. These Five Mindful Steps are used to be used to reinforce the body-mind connection in every step that you take. Are you wondering what those Five Mindful Steps are? According to their website, they are:

  1. Get Aligned
  2. Engage your Core
  3. Create Balance
  4. Make a Choice
  5. Move Forward

When they reference getting aligned, what they mean is that they want you to be both physically and mentally aligned. Physically, your posture should be correct and effective. Mentally, you should be aligned with your intentions. In terms of engaging your core, Chi Walking focuses on your core muscles. Your lower abdominal muscles must be engaged and used to create stability within your body. Mentally, the program wants you to engage your core by using your will power. For balance, the program focuses on physical balance between your right and left side as well as your upper and lower body. Mentally, the program is designed to create a balanced and holistic fitness plan for you. When referencing making a choice physically, the program refers to walking with inner strength and grace. Mentally, the program encourages making small positive choices to make a good difference in your life. As for their last step, moving forward, the program wants people to move consistently and confidently. They also want people to be focused.

The Chi Walking program is made up of 12 different types of walks. These walks are outlined in the book, but you can also watch the DVD to see clear visual instructions as well. There is something for every learning style! This allows the program to be balanced and a lot more entertaining. There is a Cardio Walk, Aerobic Walk, Flexibility Walk, Loosening Walk, Focusing Walk, Energizing Walk, Walking Mediation, and more. The walks focus on techniques for both your mind and body. They emphasize proper biomechanics such as good posture, engaging the core, relaxing the arms, and keeping loose joints. This walking technique helps to improve, prevent, or even eliminate, aches or pains.

Chi Walking really ties in the philosophical and psychological practices of T’ai Chi. This allows your walking experience to be a great connection between the mind and the body, theoretically allowing for a more positive experience overall. If done properly, Chi Walking will improve the quality of how you walk on a daily basis, which is highly beneficial for your daily lifestyle. By completing the program, you will feel better every day! If you try out Chi Walking and you like it, you should also check out Chi Running, which is a sister program to the Chi Walking program.

 (Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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