Core Strength for Golf

by Mackenzie M. | March 26th, 2012 | Core, Strength Training

Like most sports, golfers should focus on strengthening their cores for the best technique and the reduction in the risk of injury. Core muscles are the foundation and source of power for golf swings, so strengthening this area almost guarantees the most powerful swing possible. Building core strength also allows for better endurance, making the short game skills more precise. In addition to this, these exercises also improve overall health, leading to endurance for longer golf outings. Strength, stability, and flexibility are extremely important when trying to perfect golf techniques, and there are several exercises to improve in these areas.

The plank abdominal exercise helps improve core strength and stability, making it the most popular exercise among golfers for building core strength. A basic plank exercise, or hover, is used by athletes of all kinds, and it is fairly simple to complete. First, begin in the plank position, which means resting with your forearms on the floor, while propping your body up with you toes, much like a push-up starting position. Keep the torso straight, with no sagging through a straight line from your ears to your toes. The head should be relaxed facing the floor. Hold this position in ten second intervals at first, and slowly ease into holding it for 30, 45, and then 60 seconds.

The abdominal plank exercise is versatile and has several variations. The plank leg with lift starts in the same basic planking position. From there, slowly raise one leg five to eight inches off of the floor, and then count to two. After the count of two, slowly lower you leg to the floor. Alternate legs, and complete two to three sets of ten reps. This is a phenomenal workout for both core and leg strength. To make this exercise a little easier at first, you can perform the same movements while resting on your hands instead of your elbows.

Similarly, the plank with arm lift begins in the same position. Although with this exercise, shift your weight onto one of your forearms. Then, extend the other arm straight in front. Hold this position for three seconds while keeping your core tight. Bring the arm back to starting position, and then repeat with the other arm. Again, do two to three sets of ten reps.

A common core strength training exercise, the crunch, is also extremely valuable to golfers. The crunch strengthens the entire core, ensuring a strong golf wing. To complete a proper crunch, lie flat on your back with your knees bent. Lift your torso off of the ground, making sure that your lower back is entirely off the ground – enough so that someone could stick their hand underneath. Then, touch the top of your knees. A traditional crunch or sit-up routine, combined with a proper push-up routine will round out a great core strength-training workout for golfers.

For more golf fitness tips, the core strength training DVD, The Champion’s Workout, comes highly recommended. Remember, increase your core strength, increase the effectiveness of your game!

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