Exercise Options for Older Adults

by Dean Heller MD | February 5th, 2014 | Medical

medical exercise expertQ:  I am 75 and live in Florida, so it is very hot for most of the year.  In addition, I am fairly certain that I have some degree of arthritis, as I cannot chase my dogs as fast as I was able to do previously, especially in the hot weather.  Usually my leg joints  will start to ache.  So my question to you is, can I use some of the indoor games with my grandson to help improve my fitness level.  I have noticed recently that I am really getting out of shape.

A:  Great question.  We have seen more and more information recently that shows us that some of the new interactive video games such as Wii and Xbox can provide significant levels of exercise.  You have to be sure to play the games that can have a consistent level of exertion, such as tennis, or the programs that are specifically designed for exercise.  You want to make sure that you get your heart rate up to a level that is consistent with a high level of exercise, which is usually about 80% of you maximimum predicted heart rate, which is based on your age.  But, yes, you can use these games to get some good exercise.

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