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7 Most Common Reasons for Needing a Medical Certificate Signed by a GP

by Editorial Team June 12th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
No one ‘likes’ to go to the doctor even if there is a need to get in right away for an illness that suddenly popped up. The wait times are horrendous and doctors simply don’t have the time for patient care that they once had. Most try to make
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Help for a Sedentary Lifestyle

by Dean Heller MD June 3rd, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  I am 47 and have a very sedentary lifestyle.  While I do try and walk or do some kind of exercise on the weekends, I am so busy at work that sometimes my work extends throughout the weekend.  I sit all day at a desk and barely move. 
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Getting Rid of a Beer Belly

by Dean Heller MD May 6th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
 Summer is coming, and over this terrible winter I grew quite a good sized “beer gut”. What is the best thing for me to lose this before the summer? 

You are not alone.  Many people gain extra weight in the winter, especially one as long as this one seemed.  First

Family Workout Tips for Spring

by Tom Seman MD FAAP April 15th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
We are several months into the New Year and hopefully have developed some good healthy habits that includes healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep. Time, determination and dedication are required to make a habit. In general, it takes 3-4 weeks of repetitive actions to create a habit. Feelings of accomplishment
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VideoMD Transitional Care Competition

by Dean Heller MD April 1st, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
This month we present a special article to focus on healthcare innovation, and introduce you to a new product that helps save lives.  VideoMD transitional care helps educate patients after they are discharged from the hospital.  It educates patients, and helps doctors and hospitals collaborate to improve patient care. 
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Pre-Wedding Exercises

by Dean Heller MD March 4th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  My wedding is coming up in 3 months, and I used to be in pretty good shape, but it has been difficult to work out as I have been busier at work.

What can I do to keep off any extra weight, and to try and look really good
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Exercise Late in Pregnancy

by Dean Heller MD February 4th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  I don't exercise too much and I have gained 70 pounds during my current pregnancy.  At this point, I figure I am just a house and will get back into shape later, but I recently heard that it is good for the baby to exercise, is that true?

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Understanding Plyometrics

by Dean Heller MD January 7th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  My friend told me about Plyometrics and said that I should use this type of training to increase my strength. What is this? I have no idea; and is it really helpful?

A:  Plyometrics is a type of exercise program that many athletes use to improve core muscle strength
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Gaining Muscle Strength Back After Knee Surgery

by Dean Heller MD December 3rd, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
 I am 68 and while I have never been someone who frequents a gym, or does work out, I am usually very active and walk a lot in the park with my 3 dogs that run all over the place.  I recently had to have knee surgery and now
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Running Outdoors in Winter

by Dean Heller MD November 5th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  It is starting to get cool around here, and I usually run outside.  I wanted to know what I should do differently during the winter to prevent injury if I decide to continue to run outside.

A: First, it is very important to warm up in the winter.  While
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Osteoporosis and Exercise

by Dean Heller MD October 1st, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  My mother has significant osteoporosis, and she also has arthritis that causes her pain in many joints.  I think that exercise will help her to get stronger and build up her muscles and strength, and allow her to be in better shape. I am a certified trainer.   I
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Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

by Dean Heller MD September 3rd, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  I am getting married in six weeks.  I am not in bad shape, but I don't exercise too much and I want to be in good shape so I can dance all night for my wedding.  I could also lose just a few pounds as my dress is

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