Exercise Programs for the Elderly

by Dean Heller MD | July 2nd, 2014 | Fitness Expert, Medical

medical exercise expertQ: My grandmother lives in a facility with older people, but she is still in pretty good shape. I told her that she should have them start an exercise program there.  What would you recommend for them?

A: There is a growing movement to help older people exercise using technology.  There are many places just like where your grandmother lives that use Wii programs to help older people exercise, or Xbox or other gaming consoles.  Some of the lower impact games, such as virtual bowling, can be very good for people who can’t perform higher impact exercises.  But for those people who can, the tennis program, or something similar can give them good exercise, and actually be very fun.  We have even heard of a competition based on the virtual bowling.

To learn more, see this video on VideoMD.com.

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