Exercise Routine During the Holidays

by Angela Yorke | December 19th, 2011 | Family Fitness

One of the enduring ironies of the holiday season is that we usually accomplish fewer things in a day even though we have more time to do so. An exercise routine is one of those things that tends to be neglected when the holidays roll around, because, well, it’s just easier to not do anything then.

Of course, it’s also difficult to make sure everyone sticks to the family fitness routine between the holiday prep, shopping, and gatherings you attend, whether individually or as a family. Nevertheless, a small amount of self-awareness and determination will ensure that you enjoy the holidays and not groan with despair the next time you step on a scale.

Fit in fitness the next time you go shopping for presents. It pays to put on a pair of good walking shoes and to stride briskly through the mall as you tick off items on the shopping list. Parking spaces are usually more abundant further away from the entrance of the mall, which can be used to your advantage. By the same token, take the stairs or escalator instead of the lift, and carry your own bags to the car.

Conversely, you could also ensure you and your family have the time to work out by spending less time shopping. To accomplish this, you could buy fewer gifts, delegate shopping tasks, both of which will entail less time at the mall, or do your shopping online, which allows you the option of having a gift delivered directly to the recipient.

Another way to continue exercising together during the holidays is by fitting physical exertion into holiday-themed activities. For example, we walk around the neighborhood to admire our neighbors holiday decorations, and my aunt’s church organizes caroling parties where carolers visit one residential block each day of the weekend.

Most of the time, the holiday season is such that an evening workout is thwarted by last minute changes to a schedule. If this is the case, then it would be advisable to wake up slightly earlier each day, or make alternative plans to maintain a fitness routine.

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