Exploring the Role of Fear and Anxiety in Stress

by Marnie Bii | May 1st, 2015 | Mind & Body, Stress

stress (400x400)When faced with a difficult task, it’s easy to allow overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety to take over. Instead of completing the task at hand, you may spend a lot of time ruminating about these fears and anxious feelings in an unhealthy way. Soon after, you may feel your stress levels rise upon even thinking about the task or its implications.

The fear and anxiety often comes from not wanting to disappoint someone or fail at the given job. Unfortunately, allowing those feelings to overwhelm you will prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, you need to approach the job from a place of positivity and hope, rather than allowing your mind to tear you down.

Try to meditate or redirect your negative thoughts to positive ones as soon as your mind takes a sour turn. Break up the task into small, manageable steps and reward yourself for completing each one. You could take a walk, read a chapter of your favorite book or play a quick game as a reward for a job well done. With each success, you will gain confidence that goes a long way in eliminating stress from fear and anxiety.

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