Flying Disc Fitness

by TJ Davis | September 9th, 2010 | Family Fitness

Who would have thought that a plastic throwing disc could be so much fun AND be good for you? The most popular brand of the molded plastic disc is Frisbee, and thanks to the fun factor, Frisbee throwing evolved into a number of flying disc sports. From a simple game of catch between two people in a backyard or on a beach, to a team sport in a park or on a playing field, the level of physical effort you put into play will help determine your flying disc fitness effectiveness.

Traditionally, the flying disc is tossed between two or more people standing a distance apart. Occasionally, a throw will go astray and the catcher will have to run to retrieve it, but the activity level remains fairly low. To garner more aerobic benefit from your flying disc, try one of the sport versions of play.

Flying disc golf involves establishing markers instead of holes, and keeping track of how many tosses it takes to hit each marker. As in standard golf, the player whose tosses are furthest under par wins. There is also a version of football using the plastic plaything. The rules are similar to flag football, but only passing is allowed. A team cannot advance down the field unless the disc is thrown and caught. A touchdown offers the only scoring point. In flying disc baseball, bases are set up in a diamond pattern and there are fielders and batters, but no pitcher. The player at bat tosses the disc out to the field and runs for first base. If the disc is caught in the air, it is an out. As in baseball, after three outs, teams switch sides and the games continues for nine innings.

There is even a solitary game which can be played in-city. In the game of Seven, as you are walking down a sidewalk, toss the disc ahead of you and count the number of pavement squares that it travels with each toss. Each square is good for one point, unless it lands exactly seven squares away, in which case no points are awarded. However you choose to use it, since people of almost any age can toss and catch one, a flying disc can offer fun and fitness for the whole family.

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