French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

by Kimberly Hays | October 11th, 2023 | Diet Plans, Diet Strategy

drinking wineMireille Guiliano brought the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet to America when she wrote a book on the subject which explains how French women stay so slim and beautiful. The premise of the diet is that you rid your life of fad diets, and learn how to eat small portions. The French indulge in chocolate, wine, baguettes, and cheese. You are not denied anything that you want to eat on this diet, but instead, slowly learn what true portion control is. This is not a diet that will work miraculously over a period of days, or even a couple of weeks, but rather a diet that is to become a new lifestyle of healthy eating habits that result in a slimmer you. You are to eat only the best quality foods, and savor each bite while using all of your senses. This is supposed to make the eating experience more pleasurable, and you will be more satisfied with smaller portions. The best part of this diet is that you do not count calories, or even have to plan out meals. You just have to be mindful of what you eat, and the portion size.


As explained, you are not restricted to foods that you can eat on this diet, but there is a “kick start” to the diet that involves having leek soup daily, along meat or fish, and fresh vegetables and fruit. You will also keep a journal of exactly how much of these foods that you eat. After two weeks, you should be able to tell where the extra calories coming from, and then adjust the portions of those foods. After you make these dietary adjustments, you are then advised to be sure that you drink enough water daily in order to flush out toxins.


Though the plan offers no real exercise regimen, the French do a lot of walking, which is advised for this diet. It is also suggested that women of 40 add weight training to keep their muscles firm and their bones healthy.


If you are a woman who enjoys wine, chocolate, and fine foods, this diet may be a good approach for a slimmer waistline. While many of us have a difficult time sticking to other diets because of restrictions of certain foods, if you believe you can learn to be satisfied with smaller portions by using all of your senses, and slowing down to enjoy a proper meal, this diet may work for you.

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