Get Your Body Back Friday

by Denise Druce | November 13th, 2013 | Fitness Expert

Turkey (640x427)The average American will consume more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone, according to the Caloric Control Council. Many of us will struggle with the decision to either ‘burn the bird’ or ‘get the deal’ on Black Friday.

Here’s a quick and efficient way to burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. The goal?  Calorie Burn.  The vehicle?

The Step Mill, of course.

Take a look at any calorie burning chart, and you will always find Stair Climbing at the very top.  Here’s a workout that my clients love-to-hate.  It’s guaranteed to burn off a good chunk of your Thanksgiving calories and have you shopping with no guilt.

To get the most out of your workout, make sure to stand tall with a neutral spine, pull your abdominal muscles in and keep your hands resting lightly on the hand rails.  Use Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) as a way to select your level of intensity.

  • RPE 6 Easy
  • RPE 7 Moderate
  • RPE 8 Hard
  • RPE 9 Breathless!

30 Minute Burn-The-Bird Step Mill Workout

0:00 to 5:00 RPE 6

  • Focus on deep diaphragmatic breathing, upright posture, and keeping light weight in your hands

5:00-7:00 RPE 7

  • Take it up a notch.  Increase the level and start to sweat.

7:00-10:00 RPE 8

  • The hard work starts here.  Choose a level that makes you feel like you can do it but you’re glad it’s only 3 minutes.

10:00-15:00 RPE 7

  • Level back to moderate intensity and hold a steady rate of breathing.

15:00-25.00 10 minutes of Intervals RPE 9/7

  • One minute all out turkey-burning intensity.  Go Breathless! RPE 9
  • One minute recovery RPE 7
  • Repeat four more cycles of work/rest


  • Cool Down RPE 5-6 Stretch your calves, quads, hip flexors and hamstrings.


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