Quiet Your Inner Voice to Improve Your Body Image

by Marnie Bii | April 10th, 2024 | Mind & Body
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If you cannot calm and quiet your inner voice, you may be your own worst enemy. Negative reactions to your image in a mirror or photograph can instantly derail your efforts to achieve self-acceptance. Even if you are working toward a firmer body or lower weight, you need to learn how to accept your image in a positive manner.

The first step definitely involves changing your knee jerk reaction to your image. You must replace all of those negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones. You may need to force a positive reaction by actively stating three to five things you like about yourself while standing in front of the mirror. Complete this activity several times a day to teach your inner voice to play nice.

You will eventually notice your favored features first after catching sight of your reflection. As you push positive reactions, you may notice less anger and resentment surfacing in your everyday thoughts. You will also likely see a reduction in negativity in other areas of your life. As you learn to accept your body, it will be easier to change the things you wish to rectify without beating yourself up.

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