Getting Back on Track

by Joan Jacobsen | April 16th, 2014 | Fitness Expert, Senior

woman walking (400x400)When I was recently asked to return to my former role as “Senior Fitness Expert” at My Fitness Tunes, I was reluctant to sign on again. Since I have ceased writing for Peku those eighteen months ago, I’ve gained quite a bit of the sixty pounds that I had initially lost, and quite frankly, I do not feel much like an expert in any sense of the word that includes fitness in the same title. So if you happen to see me, or pass me by, I will accept the moniker of a “Senior Fitness Work In Progress” for the time being, only vowing to reprise my prior title with the utmost sincerity. After all, I want to be truthful to you the readers, as well as myself, and I feel accountable for anything that I write. With that being said let’s talk turkey shall we?

The aging process will typically wreak havoc on our waistlines, our muscles and joints, our skin, as well as our organs. Ah yes, our expanding waistlines, the bane of our existence for whatever the reason; menopause, exercising less, or metabolism changes we are all pretty much destined to fight the battle of the bulge on our waists if we don’t take charge of our actions. The number one answer to this problem would be to engage in regular moderate-intense physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day according the Harvard Health Publications.

Now, it you look at thirty minutes per day, you may think to yourself, I just don’t have the time. However, in all fairness, this is your life we are writing about, and if you break down the numbers, you will see that you can fit it into your hectic schedule. Moderate-intensive exercise could be as easy as climbing a few flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator in your office building, or jogging in place while watching television, take a brisk walk at lunchtime or a nearby gym where you can fit in a thirty minute workout without compromising your time. Believe it or not, I waist-hoop for thirty minutes each day, and this exercise is a moderate aerobic activity that helps build stamina and balance and is perfect for the core, plus I burn 7 calories per minute according to the American Council on exercise – not bad right? We must remember that activity alone will not be a cure-all for the spreading waist as we must couple both eating healthy and exercise together to make it a successful strategy. Just because you took a two mile morning jog does not give you a license to eat that chocolate cream donut for breakfast, because it will just negate that healthy form of activity that you fought hard to complete.

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some certain forms of cancer are just a few of the diseases that we face when we “let ourselves go” so to speak. It’s up to us as individuals to fight back and follow a path that will keep us feeling fit and healthy as we age. So join with me, or perhaps maintain your successful routine if you are already in great shape, as I follow through on a promise to you and myself to live a fit and healthy lifestyle through exercise and good eating and can once again regain my former title of “Senior Fitness Expert”.

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