How Can a Rehab Center Help an Alcoholic?

by Editorial Team | March 16th, 2015 | Mind & Body

stress relax sign (400x400)Alcohol addictions are like a two-faced dagger that can ruin a person financially in addition to ruining family ties. And, when left untreated, alcoholism almost always leads to death. Without help, it is almost impossible for an alcoholic to give up their drinking, and return to life before the booze. However, an alcohol rehab center can help an alcoholic to overcome their addiction, and return to a stable way of life. Keep reading to find out more about the different treatment centers available, and what to expect.

In-Patient vs. Out-Patient
Alcohol rehab centers can be found all over the country, and each one will offer a variety of programs that are intended to help an alcoholic to safely give up the booze. The majority of centers offer both in-patient and out-patient treatments, whilst some, such as the Beachway Rehab Center in Florida, prefer to offer care on an in-patient basis only. In-patient programs require the alcoholic to live inside the center for a pre-determined amount of time, whilst out-patient programs only require patients to turn up for therapy and counselling – they are otherwise free to resume their normal activities. It is advised that all alcoholics attend rehab as an in-patient, at least at first.

What is Involved?
The basic aim of rehabilitation treatment is the same all over the country, from rehabs in Florida, to rehabs in Colorado. However, there are differences in the way that care is provided. For example, whilst most will offer some form of detox program, as well as counselling sessions, they will all vary in the other types of care on offer, such as therapy sessions, after care options, and medical treatments. Some rehabs, such as the Christian faith ones, are completely different, with the treatments all containing a spiritual psychological slant.

Choose a Center Carefully
Because of the different services offered by rehab centers, it’s important to choose one carefully, even if this means that you don’t specifically choose one in your home state. Many treatment centers accept insurance, and will cover the cost of your transportation to the facility. Try to create a list of the treatments offered, and choose a facility that meets the needs of the patient. Spiritual centers may be ideal for people who are religious, whilst an in-patient center close to the beach may be a better choice for someone who responds well to nature. Every person is different, so it’s important to consider what type of treatment they will respond to best.

Success is Possible
A good rehab center will do all they can to transform the lives of their patients, and many people do manage to turn their lives around after receiving treatment. If you have a loved one that you want to help, it’s important to stop enabling their addiction. Do some research into the options available to you, and keep in mind that different methods of treatment have different success rates. By encouraging a loved one to get help, you will both have a much better life to look forward to.

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