How to Avoid Heartburn While Exercising

by Bea | September 2nd, 2010 | Eating Tips, Exercises

If you have experienced heartburn while you were in the middle of a workout, then you probably have a tendency to shy away from working out because I am sure that is not a pleasant feeling. The ironic thing is that exercising should get your body even healthier and could most likely decrease the feelings of heartburn, but if it hurts too much to exercise, then you should not put yourself through that much pain.

Hopefully you do not experience these feelings of discomfort all too often. If they are frequent and persistent, then you should probably see a professional. However, here are some tips that will prevent heartburn (hopefully) from occurring while you are exercising.

First thing’s first– watch what and when you eat.

Do not work out too soon after you have had a meal. How much you ate during that last meal is also very important. Your meal prior to exercising should be small so that there will be less pressure between the stomach and the esophagus. Also, you should be avoiding any acidic foods during that last meal that you have before you exercise and you should be avoiding having coffee, tea, or soda too close to your work out. Speaking of liquids…

To avoid heartburn, have water to replenish your thirst over other sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade. You could also take a DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) tablet about twenty minutes before you eat your last meal prior to exercising. What does it do? Well, DGL will allow help your stomach out by coating and smoothing the lining of the stomach. Another tip is to chew gum while you exercise. Chewing gum will help get your mind off of things, keep your brain cells churning, and prevent you from feeling like you are getting dehydrated.

Of course, you should take an antacid with you to the gym and have one at the first sign of any heartburn.

I know that a lot of these tips are fairly obvious and that people who do not experience heartburn should be following the eating tips as well, but these are a few specific ideas that should prevent heartburn from occurring.

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