How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

by Joan Jacobsen | December 10th, 2014 | Fitness Expert, Senior

Senior-Fitness-ExpertThere are many people who often disregard their feet when thinking about their health. Twenty five percent of diabetics will develop foot problems because of poor circulation and improper foot care. Plain and simple whether we have diabetes or not we all should be ardent when it comes to maintaining happy feet.

When you think about it, our feet withstand quite a bit of everyday wear and tear. From wearing heels, standing on our feet, walking, and braving the elements our tootsies sure do take a beating. If you add corns, bunions, calluses, athlete’s feet and planters warts to the mix we certainly should be proactive when planning and following a daily check list.

1) Check your feet daily, notice if there are any changes such as sores, cuts or abrasions.
2) Dry your feet thoroughly after cleaning; and don’t forget in between your toes.
3) Use a moisturizer on your feet to prevent drying, chafing and cracking.
4) If a blister forms from wearing tight shoes, simply add a band-aid for padding and refrain from popping it, and for heaven’s sake change your tight shoes to comfortable ones while the blister heals.
5) Cut toenails after bathing or showering when they are soft and easy to file or clip.
6) Barefoot is not really a good option when we age and we should wear footwear at all times to cover and protect our feet.
7) If our feet are cold at night wearing socks to bed is a good practice to follow.

Use common sense when planning an extensive walking tour and opt for sensible shoes instead of those fashionable ones with the four inch heels, or the flat ones that do not have an arch (you know those cute flip-flops). Your athletic shoes should also fit properly and have about a thumb’s length in the toe area. A pedicure is great year round routine but especially in the summer time when you are at the beach, because the sand acts as an abrasive and will exfoliate the dead skin.

Personally I have just recovered from a series of plantar warts on the soles of both my feet, which prompted me to write this article. I have noticed that when we had our new shower installed this year the warts disappeared, which leads me to believe the old shower floor had something to do with my sad looking soles. Plantar warts are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) and enter through tiny cuts or abrasions.  Believe it or not the way to treat them is to do nothing as plantar warts typically go away by themselves and are not a health threat but can become painful or annoying. There are times when a drastic change in your feet will warrant a trip to the doctor’s office and we should never put that off for vanity or embarrassment. We all know our bodies and should be aware of these occurrences.

Typically it’s easy to care for our feet as long as we are diligent and look after them with a watchful eye. Make it a point to start a daily care program by thinking of your head to toe upkeep and by putting your best foot forward!

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