Lake Exercise

by Mackenzie M. | July 11th, 2013 | Cardio, Outdoor

beachThere are several places to workout during the warm summer months, but none quite compare to a clean sandy beach next to a placid lake, or next one of the five Great Lakes. Recreational lakes dot the countryside of a majority of states, and they are often equipped with facilities that cater to vacationers and athletes alike. Stretching and cardio exercises can be completed on the lakeshore, while swimming in the cool waters also makes for a fantastic workout. The resistance from the sand and water will stretch the muscles and make for a fulfilling outdoor summer workout. Below are some ways to workout in and around lakes this summer.

It is always a great idea to do some stretching in the grass before proceeding onto the beach or into the water. Be sure to stretch out the legs, torso, and arms before doing any sort of cardio or muscle building. After stretching for about five to ten minutes, the muscles will be ready for the rest of the workout. The lakeshore is a wonderful place to do some relaxing yoga exercises. There are several websites that teach amateurs how to perform yoga positions in just about any location. Set up on the beach and concentrate on the wind and the sounds of nature all while distressing and building muscle. For a cardio oriented workout, it is a good idea to run along the lakeshore, especially if a sandy area is available. The resistance from the sand or dirt shore will actually help give you a better workout.

In the hot days of summer, yoga on the beach is sure to get you sweating. Hop into the lake for a refreshing dip before starting a few more reps on the shore. In the lake, it is a great workout to swim laps. Be sure you are in a designated swimming area (if at a busy lake), and swim laps up and down the shore for five to ten minutes, with breaks in between. Swimming is a great way to build muscle, but also promotes fat burning and lowers stress levels. It can be fun to try a variety of workouts in the lake. Even swimming in place (the dog paddle) using the arms and legs will help to build muscle and tone your entire body.

Finally, it can be great to finish off a lake workout with a meditation session. Simply sit on the shore of the lake in a comfortable cross legged position with the arms held palm up in from of your body. Simply try to focus on breathing. Take a deep breaths in, then exhale as many times until your pre-set timer sounds. Clear your head of all thoughts by concentrating solely on your breathing. Listen to the winds and the birds and try to relax. While this does not directly build muscle, it is a great exercise for the lungs, and it will leave you feeling refreshed and in tune with the surrounding nature.

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