Let’s Roll

by Chang Song | May 12th, 2011 | Cardio

While some argue that running, biking, and swimming can be more beneficial for you physically than roller skating, those exercises can’t beat inline skating. It offers a complete workout, as it will strengthen and benefit your body from your mind to your toes.

An inline roller skating program will benefit you physically and mentally in six areas. For starters, your muscle endurance and strength will improve, and flexibility will increase. Next, your body composition will change due to calories burned. Also, cardio and respiratory endurance will increase, balance and coordination will improve, and mental clarity and connectivity will get better.

Let’s start off talking about the cardiovascular benefits of this workout. Inline roller skating will increase aerobic benefits by skating harder or uphill, and it will also help you to improve endurance as you try to skate at a slow and steady pace.

Also, roller skating will be a big a part in your muscle development. Inline roller skating will build hip and thigh muscles with regular distance skating activities, and it will develop hamstring, glute, quad, and calf muscles by combining forward and backward maneuvers while skating. Plus, it will help build the muscles of the lower back and abdomen, and strengthen upper arm and shoulder muscles because you swing your arms while skating.

Inline roller skating can also help many middle-aged folks improve their flexibility and strengthen their joints. The warm up and cool-down stretching will make their body more flexible.When you skate on smooth surfaces, you will get the full benefit of low impact on knees and back, and will help strengthen your joints.

Obviously, many turn to cardio workouts for weight loss, and roller skating will not disappoint. The workout will burn 285 calories or more every 30 minutes while skating at a steady pace, 450 calories or more in 30 minutes while using interval skating techniques.

The metal benefits are notable. It improves your mental clarity and focus and reduces stress and depression.

Lastly, roller skating can help with your balance; however, nothing will improve if your skates are in your closet and not being used.

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