Making Time for Exercise in a Busy Schedule

by Jason Brennan | September 18th, 2013 | Fitness Expert

squatAs the summer ends and the school year begins, many people are having trouble fitting exercise into their already hectic schedule.

The key to getting in your workouts regardless of how busy you are is; schedule it!  Many of us try to fit in a workout when we have extra time, there is never “extra time” there is always something else you could be doing.  If your fitness goals are important to you, then you have to find a spot for them.

One huge misconception is that you need to dedicate hours and hours.  There are 168 hours in a week, if you exercise for 30-minutes three times per week (90-minutes total) that’s less than 1% of your time.  And if you’re working out hard, then 30 minutes should be more than enough time to get in a full body workout.  If 90 minutes per week seems minimal, it’s still 100% better than doing nothing.

If you really don’t have 30 minutes then try incorporating a few things in your regular schedule; like take the stairs, park further away, do 10 squats on each break at work, do anything you can to move your body more.

Obviously going to a gym or a trainer is ideal, but then you have to add in the time it takes to drive back and forth.  A workout at home, a video, or even at the office during lunch break will work.

Here are a couple sample workouts you can do anywhere with no equipment at any time in under 20 minutes.  If you’re not sure how to do an exercise, ask someone or look online. You should always consult with your physician before starting an exercise program.  If you feel pain or faint while exercising, stop immediately.

Beginner Workout (20-30 sec. rest between sets)

Warm up. Take a walk, go up and down some stairs, or walk in place 5 minutes

30 Jumping jacks

15-20 squats

15-20 push ups (hands little wider than shoulders)

15-20 crunches

30 high knees

10-12 rear lunge

15-20 push ups (hands little closer than shoulders)

15-20 rev. crunches

Plank position- hold as long as you can maintain a comfortable position.

Do 1 or 2 rounds depending on how you feel and how much time you have.

Advanced Workout

Warm up. Take a walk or jog, go up and down some stairs, or walk in place 5min

Complete the following exercises in order, taking as little rest as you feel comfortable with between exercises.  Time yourself, then as you get more fit try and do it quicker. (Never sacrifice good form for a faster time)

50 Jumping jacks

20 Squats

40 Mountain climbers

20 Push ups

30 Air bike crunches

20 Forward lunges

20 Dive bomber push ups

20 Sit ups

10 Burpees

Cardio- Use a predetermined method and distance (run around the block or up a few flights of stairs, etc.)

Complete 2 or 3 rounds nonstop for time.

Remember the key to exercising and burning calories is to be active, do something physical every day.

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