A Stronger Back in only Seven Minutes

by Joe Lawrence | June 15th, 2023 | Strength Training, Upper Body

strong back (400x400)I have been involved in fitness and the study of the body since I was about 10 years old. 25 years later and I still maintain a few simple truths that I understood back then: the core is key and the back is best.

This workout routine will touch on both of those areas and take roughly seven minutes out of your busy day.

Without a strong core (meaning your abs, lower back, and oblique muscles) you will not reach your fitness goals. The core is the foundation of your entire muscular system and without it technique and form will suffer. The back is the most important muscle group following your core. If your core is the foundation, your back is the frame. The current lifestyle of most of us punishes the back and a weak back equals back pain in the future.

This simple workout only requires a chin up bar and some motivation. In just seven minutes and 50 reps, you will work your core a little and your back a lot.

Start with set one. This is going to be a set of chin ups using a normal grip where the hands are roughly shoulder width apart. The goal is five reps. Afterward, take a very short break not exceeding 20 seconds and do the same in between each of the seven sets.

Set two affords you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner super hero. This exercise is called the Superman. You lay on your stomach and stretch your hands and arms straight out in the front of you as if you are seeing how long you can become from toe to fingertip. Then you are going to raise your arms and legs up as if you are trying to fold yourself in half backwards. You end up looking like Superman flying through the sky as only your core remains on the ground. Do 10 reps of these.

Set three takes you back to the bar for some narrow grip chin ups. Here your hands are about head width apart. Again the goal is to complete five reps.

Set four takes you back to the skies for ten more reps pretending to be Superman.

Set five is the wide grip chin up. For wide grips you need to place your hands more than shoulder width apart. The further apart you can get them the better. No surprise here…five reps.

Then fetch your cape for set six (almost done) and knock out ten more reps in the Superman position.

For the final set, you get to choose any style of chin up you would like and then complete five more reps.

When you are done, you will have a pretty good sweat going and your muscles will be screaming!

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