Mall Walking

by Bea | October 10th, 2013 | Cardio, Walking

shopping mallMall walking is a great way to get your exercise in if you are looking for an indoor climate. Now, I don’t mean walking around a mall while you are shopping. I am referring to mall walking as a form of exercise.

A facility like a mall is great because it has long corridors and plenty of room. On top of that, the facility is indoors and allows for a controlled climate. Bad weather will never be an excuse for not getting in your workout for the day! Well, okay, you do still have to safely get to the mall, but other than that, you will always be able to get your workout in! Another great thing about mall walking is that it provides a safe environment. The only wheels that you will see in the corridors are strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs. If the mall offers a mall walking program, then you can get a great workout without worrying about other customers with their arms full of shopping bags.

Many malls offer programs in which they open early so that people can walk or jog through the mall. If the mall has a program, it is best to go during the mall walking time period, because no paying customers will be there and it will be less crowded, allowing for a better workout.  The stores are not open during this time period, but by the end of the time block, many of the stores should be open. Mall owners usually love implementing wall making programs because it brings in people during a what would instead be a slow opening hour. You can find out if your mall has a walking program by calling them or looking at their website. You should ask if they have a formal mall walking program or if they have a time period in which they open their doors just for walkers.

Mall walking is pretty popular among senior citizens, but that does not mean that you have to be over 65 to participate! Malls are a great way to get a 20+ minute walk in because of the length of the corridors. If you are someone who gets bored by walking on the road, mall walking might be good for you because you can check out the store fronts. Mall walking is a pretty social form of exercise. The more you go, the more familiar faces you will see.

You do not need a formal mall walking program in order to participate in this form of exercise. You can go into the mall at any time and get your walk on! However, please remember that the paying customer does trump you and you should be courteous to the other shoppers in the mall. There are no rules when it comes to mall walking, but you should yield to shoppers and be nice. If you can, try to get your mall walk completed during a time when the traffic in the mall is light. That way, you will get the most out of your walk and the mall owners will be happier that you are not crowding out paying customers.

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